Get rid of leaf blowers: they pollute and their purpose is dubious

Many use two-stroke engines which are an environmental hazard


Science | 14 December 2023

African dinosaurs and the sixth mass extinction

Palaeobiologist Anusuya Chinsamy-Turan speaks at GroundUp’s Science for the People seminar


Science | 4 December 2023

South Africans are living longer, mostly thanks to HIV treatment

Antiretroviral medicines have been a success, but more work is needed to reach United Nations targets

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Science | 1 December 2023

Farmers put on alert as El Niño takes effect

The South African Weather Service warns of possibly hot and dry summer ahead


Science | 25 October 2023

Microplastics are a danger to our health. Here’s how to reduce our exposure to them

Some well-intentioned initiatives make the situation worse


Science | 24 October 2023

Here’s how the Western Cape can prepare better for weather like we had in September

Climate change may bring more variable weather but we can reduce the risk of disasters


Science | 23 October 2023

Western Cape floods: Is climate change to blame?

It’s hard to blame global warming for a single weather event, but storms like last week’s are becoming more likely


Science | 5 October 2023

Is our food becoming less nutritious? Probably

But solutions are not at all simple


Science | 21 April 2023

Cape Town’s water crisis worsened by the rich, study finds

Wealthy households use more than half the city’s water, say authors of article published in leading scientific journal


Science | 12 April 2023

The maths that helped South Africa tackle HIV

UCT epidemiologist Leigh Johnson delivered GroundUp and Bertha House’s third Science for the People seminar


Science | 29 March 2023

Much ado about magic mushrooms

Careful examination reveals there is not enough data


Science | 12 October 2022

Where have all the chameleons gone?

And what you can do to encourage them to live in your garden


Science | 23 September 2022

South Africa does need some gas in the energy mix – just not the kind Gwede Mantashe wants

Biodigestion is a cheap, low-tech way for communities to produce some of their power

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Science | 6 September 2022

Cape Town is letting the flowers grow

Decision not to mow in some city parks is an important boost for biodiversity


Science | 26 August 2022

Plastic pollution: We’re getting it wrong. Here’s what needs to happen

The focus on single-use plastics is diverting attention from a much more serious problem. It’s also causing bad practices.


Science | 19 August 2022

Hydrogen as fuel: we should be selective about how we make and use it

Hydrogen is a useful substitute for fossil fuels, but new research shows leakages can be very damaging to the environment


Science | 3 August 2022