Articles for Geoffrey Allsop

Electoral Court fines ANC, ATM, COPE, PAC, NFP and AIC

They failed to provide audited financial statements


Law | 13 May 2024

Government officials cannot hide behind the sub judice rule

It’s not an excuse for failing to answer difficult questions


Law | 14 October 2022

When can someone be removed from public land without a court order?

We explain what the courts have ruled


Law | 27 September 2022

Court overturns ruling on worker fired for assault

Constitutional Court sets boundaries on “common purpose” rule


Law | 23 August 2022

Court orders public apologies to Chinese community

Posts on Facebook found to be hate speech


Law | 1 August 2022

Employees’ rights: what does the law say about Covid vaccination?

The situation is in flux after contradictory CCMA rulings. But there is guidance for employers and workers.


Law | 6 July 2022

Labour Court dismisses challenge to Covid vaccination policy

Case provides clarity on when a company vaccination policy will be lawful


Law | 15 March 2022

Concourt limits interdicts against strikers

An employer cannot interdict striking workers as a group if some of those on strike commit violence


Law | 3 March 2022

Court finds that Children’s Act discriminates against unmarried parents

Both partners in a relationship that conceives a child through artificial insemination should have parental rights


Law | 28 February 2022

Man ordered to pay over R3 million in maintenance arrears 29 years after divorce

Supreme Court of Appeal has ruled that maintenance orders will only prescribe after 30 years


Law | 1 February 2022

Undocumented man applying for refugee status can remain in SA, Concourt rules

Court ruled that a delay in applying for refugee status does not affect a person’s right to apply for recognition as a refugee


Law | 14 January 2022

Court dismisses farmer’s claim to privacy over baboon killing

Right to privacy must be balanced with right to freedom of expression, Appeal Court judges say


Law | 12 January 2022

Concourt gives man go-ahead to file late road accident claim

Koos Jacobs was unable to lodge his claim within the prescribed three years due to mental incapacity from his injuries


Law | 19 November 2021

Magistrate courts in disarray because of broken IT system

Numerous cases postponed, judgments cannot be enforced, bail hearings delayed. Master’s offices are also affected.


News | 20 October 2021

Declaring a State of Emergency explained

Some people have been calling for a State of Emergency to be declared because of civil unrest in the country


Law | 15 July 2021

New Land Court Bill seeks to address slow processing of land claims

The bill would establish two new courts: a Land Court and Land Court of Appeal


Law | 12 July 2021