Articles for Ashraf Hendricks

In photos: Hangberg erupts over fishing rights

Rubber bullets, petrol bombs, flares and tear gas fill the air as protest escalates


Photo Essay | 13 September 2017

In photos: Khayelitsha does the catwalk

Second year of this event is bigger as young fashion designers showcase their wares


Photo Essay | 11 September 2017

Dead dogs, dirty nappies, old food: rubbish piles up in Marikana

City says land is private and it therefore cannot provide a refuse service

Text by Denise Patterson. Photos by Ashraf Hendricks.

Photo Essay | 6 September 2017

Long wait to file a tax return

A reporter’s frustrating day dealing with SARS


News | 31 August 2017

Hangberg residents protest for better living conditions

Demonstration started when community learnt that about R100 million was being spent on nearby informal settlement

Text by Sune Payne. Photos by Ashraf Hendricks.

Brief | 18 August 2017

In photos: City folk play in the snow

Ceres area covered in white blanket


Photo Essay | 17 July 2017

Muslims gather for traditional “maan kyking” event

Eid ul-fitr will be celebrated on Monday


Photo Essay | 25 June 2017

“This is not a place for human beings”

Blikkiesdorp was supposed to be temporary, but residents are stuck there indefinitely

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News | 20 June 2017

Youth commemorate sacrifices of the past and protest about the present

Celebrations and demonstrations held around the country on 16 June

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Photo Essay | 19 June 2017

Picket targets minister as Parliament votes on social development budget

Protesters shout “Dlamini Must Fall”


News | 25 May 2017

The moral dilemmas of embedded journalism

I was excited to go on a police ride-along but by the end of it I wondered if I’d compromised my ethics


Opinion | 18 May 2017

In photos: Cape Town’s water crisis

Perilous state of city’s water supply is starkly visible

Text by Trevor Bohatch. Photos by Ashraf Hendricks.

Photo Essay | 15 May 2017

“We want the right to carry cannabis in our pockets like a person can carry cigarettes”

Across the world, people march for decriminalisation of weed


Photo Essay | 6 May 2017

Parents burn tyres as they demand registration of school

“We tried to do things in the proper way, but nothing happened”

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News | 4 May 2017

National strike at food export board

Workers demand 8.5% increase


News | 3 May 2017

A tour of Salt River’s iconic graffiti

Removal of some works reflects an increasingly gentrified neighbourhood


Photo Essay | 28 April 2017