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Tim Noakes and BizNews are spreading dangerous falsehoods

They have misrepresented Anthony Fauci’s correspondence and cast aspersions on Glenda Gray


Science | 6 June 2021

How to fix the academic peer review system

And the crux of the solution is that a hundred thousand journals need to die

By and

Opinion | 3 August 2017

I was jailed for filming a police assault

How the cops locked me up for trying to stop police brutality and then carried out an even more vicious beating in front of me.


News | 8 January 2016

Building coalitions against US human rights abuses is hard

On Sunday I helped organise and participated in a small protest against human rights abuses and inadequate action on climate change by the Obama administration during his visit to the University of Cape Town.

Eduard Grebe

Opinion | 2 July 2013