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What the latest blood donor survey shows about Covid

About 70% of people had already been infected before omicron hit


News | 16 February 2022

Covid-19: How South Africa differs from the rest of the continent

Deaths have been massively underestimated in Africa

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Science | 19 January 2022

We have a new Covid variant. An epidemiologist explains what we should do

If we do lock down, we must time it properly for it to be effective


Science | 26 November 2021

Covid-19 has claimed nearly a quarter of a million lives in South Africa

Here’s how deaths have changed over the past two decades

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Science | 8 October 2021

Covid-19: one month of discipline could save 20,000 lives

The time for social distancing is right now


Opinion | 10 June 2021

The problem with pausing a vaccine rollout

Interrupting a programme early leads to many more infections than one might naively estimate

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Science | 21 April 2021

Should we have another tough lockdown? Not yet

Starting a lockdown too early or too late reduces the benefits but not the hardships


Science | 31 March 2021

Why the Covid ‘Recovery Rate’ is a lousy measure of how we’re doing

It is much more sensible to compare how many people have tested positive this week to last week


Science | 20 August 2020

How well has South Africa done at reducing Covid deaths?

The answer may surprise you

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Analysis | 18 August 2020

Covid-19: The unanswered questions after Minister Mkhize’s team’s excellent presentations

With great overview, comes great responsibility


Opinion | 14 April 2020

Covid-19: What happens after the lockdown?

The epidemic won’t disappear by 17 April. We have merely bought three weeks breathing space to plan for the future


Opinion | 31 March 2020

How to fix the academic peer review system

And the crux of the solution is that a hundred thousand journals need to die

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Opinion | 3 August 2017