Articles for Mbulelo Sisulu

Covid-19: Nurses stop work in Eastern Cape town after one tests positive

Department says it will clean the facility and test staff at Dutywa Health Centre


Brief | 12 May 2020

Villagers without drinking water blame government, not the drought

Pipes installed in Dutywa villages in 2008 have never had water


Brief | 30 October 2019

Water restored to Eastern Cape villages in Dutywa

GroundUp reported on a leaking pipe in July


Brief | 5 August 2019

Villagers close rotting school in Eastern Cape

“Our school gets annual maintenance budget but it is very useless to maintain rotten material”


Brief | 22 July 2019

Taps run dry while broken pipe wastes water for a month

“Our government says we must look after water because of drought. But it seems they do not practise what they preach,” says Eastern Cape villager


Brief | 16 July 2019

“Our government does not care about us - they only take care of wild animals”

Conflict between humans and wildlife in the Eastern Cape


Brief | 8 September 2017

Eastern Cape towns struggle with water rationing

Drought takes its toll in Amathole district


Brief | 16 August 2017

Eastern Cape villagers drink water with animals

Taps in KwaDukathole have run dry since 2014, say villagers


Brief | 14 August 2017

Eastern Cape learners return to class after three-day shutdown

Government promises to meet demands for scholar transport


Brief | 3 August 2017

Parents and learners shut down East London high school

They demand that the Department of Education provide transport for learners who walk over 8km


Brief | 31 July 2017

How the Eastern Cape government is failing Thandile Gujulwa

Since 2009 his school has been trying to get the department to provide transport


News | 27 July 2017

No education for village children after government shuts down their school

Without money for transport, learners can’t get to nearest school in rural Eastern Cape


News | 29 June 2017

Eastern Cape community gets water after protests

Kei Road residents agree to liaise with government


Brief | 1 June 2017

People relieve themselves in bushes in forgotten part of East London

“Paraffin is very expensive … that is why we steal electricity”


Brief | 29 May 2017

Township comes to week-long standstill during protest action

Kei Road Location school and clinic closed and taps run dry


News | 19 May 2017

Residents in fear as street lights fail

Memories of serial killer haunt Butterworth village


Brief | 10 May 2017