Articles for Buziwe Nocuze

Sick people queue outside SASSA offices as disability grants lapse

53,000 disability grants have lapsed in the Western Cape


News | 13 January 2021

Samora Machel residents in the dark for six months

City of Cape Town says technicians need to be accompanied by police


Brief | 2 December 2020

Nyanga youths charge R50 to queue for clients

“Many visit these departments the whole week without being helped because of the long queues”


News | 20 November 2020

A Philippi woman lost her eye when police fired into her yard. Seven months later, no one held responsible

Siyasanga Gijana believes IPID is not serious about finding the culprits


News | 13 November 2020

Police accused of shooting pregnant woman in her own yard

IPID is investigating the case


Brief | 28 October 2020

Rural Eastern Cape school, built with donations, battles to survive

Provincial education department blames contractor and dwindling budget for dilapidated state


Brief | 23 October 2020

“We cannot risk our lives by drinking dirty water”

Ward councillor blames poor quality water in Port St Johns village on theft and vandalism


Brief | 23 September 2020

700 residents have a litre of water per day in Eastern Cape village

“We are pleading with anyone who can assist us … before we all die”


News | 15 September 2020

Who can perform at their best when they are using mud classrooms? asks Eastern Cape parent

Port St Johns school won’t be fixed for at least three years, says principal


News | 10 September 2020

Students shutdown college over NSFAS payments

NSFAS to visit the campus this week to respond to students’ concerns


Brief | 8 September 2020

Occupiers rebuild demolished homes, saying they have no money for rent

City of Cape Town says there have been 130 land occupations since July


Brief | 27 August 2020

Flood-hit Marikana residents occupy community hall

Since Friday more than 300 people have forced their way into the Lower Crossroads community hall


Brief | 17 August 2020

Township residents clean their streets after chasing out contractor

City of Cape Town says residents cannot dictate who gets work offered by Expanded Public Works Programme


Brief | 14 August 2020

Fed-up with piles of rubbish, residents clear their own streets

KTC community clear ‘dump site’ near their homes


News | 12 August 2020

Soldiers shot me in my shack by mistake, says Crossroads man

Vuyisa Sityebi lost a kidney and part of his intestine


Brief | 12 August 2020