Women's rights

Popular TV show fined for domestic violence episode

There was no corrective to Isencane Lengane’s depiction of gender-based violence, says the Broadcasting Complaints Commission


News | 2 May 2023

Women march through Dunoon against gender-based violence

“Men who are not embarrassed and have sexual intercourse with our children must leave Dunoon”


Brief | 28 February 2023

My friend told the police she’d been assaulted. Then the justice system failed her

Rude, uncaring police, slow magistrates and even loadshedding have meant that her assailant of 18 months ago is still free


Opinion | 20 February 2023

Activists launch #PatrickMustFall campaign

Dozens of women from the Cape Flats protested in Constantia on Monday


Brief | 9 August 2022

Massive backlog at sexual offences court because of broken recording machines

No accountability from courts or Minister of Justice’s office


Brief | 25 May 2022

Judge makes landmark ruling on Divorce Act

Gauteng High Court finds part of the Act discriminates against women and is unconstitutional


Law | 13 May 2022

Mom entitled to take ex-husband’s pension money for maintenance, says judge

Johannesburg High Court rules that mother did not have to give notice before taking money for maintenance arrears


Law | 6 May 2022

Paarl shop bans breastfeeding

“No eating, drinking, smoking and breastfeeding in the shop please” - window sign


News | 4 February 2016