City’s janitorial programme to be scrapped in some areas

The City of Cape Town will not be renewing the contracts of janitors employed to clean flush toilets in some informal settlements in the city.

Barbara Maragele

News | 19 January 2015

Disabled Khayelitsha resident has to use neighbours’ toilet

Disabled Site C resident Vincent Gaelejwe, 43, lives in a one-roomed shack and has nowhere to keep the portable toilet supplied by the City of Cape Town. Instead, he limps to his neighbour’s house every day to use the portable toilet there.

Zintle Swana

News | 11 November 2014

Poor sanitation and lousy maps contribute to Khayelitsha’s crime problems

Following the Khayelitsha Inquiry into Policing, a series of meetings are being organised between SAPS and the Khayelitsha community. One took place at the University of Cape Town's middle campus on the weekend.

Johnnie Isaac

News | 11 November 2014

I use a sock as a sanitary pad, says Langa learner

Akhona is in grade eight. Like many of her classmates, she often misses school when she has her periods because her family cannot afford sanitary pads. When she has to write a test, she uses a sock, she says.

Pharie Sefali

News | 6 November 2014

Siqalo portaloo cleaners protest

Protesting portaloo cleaners from Siqalo informal settlement blocked Vanguard Drive during rush hour traffic on Friday morning. They claim that their health is being compromised by inadequate protective equipment and the failure of their employer to provide them with inoculation against disease - a requirement of their contracts.

Daneel Knoetze

News | 24 October 2014

Residents march for essential services

The City of Cape Town has been given 14 working days to respond to a memorandum of demands from the residents of Marikana, Rolihlahla Park and Klipfontein informal settlements.

Johnnie Isaac

News | 24 October 2014

Liebenberg’s argument is a straw man

The City is not opposed to social audits, but takes issue with the way the SJC carried out its audit, writes Counsellor Ernest Sonnenberg in response to Professor Sandra Liebenberg.

Ernest Sonnenberg

Opinion | 23 October 2014

Social audits and the right to sanitation

Social audits are a valuable tool in implementing socio-economic rights, which is why the response by the City of Cape Town to the social audit of janitorial services in Khayelitsha is disturbing, writes Sandra Liebenberg.

Sandra Liebenberg

Opinion | 22 October 2014

Lwandle residents to SANRAL: where are our possessions?

Lwandle residents who have been rehoused after being evicted from SA National Roads Agency land in June complain that their possessions have been lost or damaged.

Pharie Sefali

News | 21 October 2014

Lawyers to sue over uncovered drain

Lawyers representing the Bardale resident who fell into an uncovered drain in October last year say they are still processing the legal action.

Johnnie Isaac

News | 14 October 2014

Drain claims second victim

Residents of the informal settlement in Bardale have accused Baseline construction company of negligence after a man fell into an open drain, injuring his leg. This is the second incident in a year.

Johnnie Isaac

News | 13 October 2014

SJC trial: “We wanted the City to see we were serious”

Emotions ran high in the Cape Town Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday as Social Justice Coalition’s(SJC) general secretary, Phumeza Mlungwana, was cross-examined about last year’s protest on the steps of the Cape Town Civic Centre.

Mary-Anne Gontsana

News | 8 October 2014

SJC members defend civic centre protest

Protests are a way to be heard and not just an event, Social Justice Coalition general secretary Phumeza Mlungwana told the Cape Town Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday.

Mary-Anne Gontsana and Lea Bork

News | 7 October 2014

Activists to Sonnenberg: City must engage constructively on sanitation

Yesterday the Social Justice Coalition (SJC) published a social audit of the state of municipal public toilets in Khayelitsha. Councillor Ernest Sonnenberg responded. This is a reply by the SJC's Axolile Notywala and Dustin Kramer to Councillor Sonnenberg.

Axolile Notywala and Dustin Kramer

Opinion | 2 October 2014

Khayelitsha toilets: the battle for information

Information concerning contracts signed by local authorities should be much more freely available, says Social Justice Coalition spokesman Axolile Notywala.

GroundUp staff

News | 2 October 2014

Khayelitsha residents welcome SJC social audit report

The community of BM Section in Khayelitsha came out in their numbers to listen to the report by the Social Justice Coalition (SJC) on sanitation services in the township.

Mary-Anne Gontsana

News | 1 October 2014