New CEO promises brighter future for state’s media development agency

But the MDDA’s last clean audit was in 2020/21 and the board chair, flagged by the Nugent Commission, is still in office


News | 28 March 2024

“Alex Mafia” case: Judge urges people to complain to the Press Ombud rather than the courts

Judge Ingrid Opperman says Lemane Sithole and Michael Maile’s application “abused the court process”


Law | 8 August 2023

AmaBhungane ungagged to report on Moti files

The investigative news agency has overturned a gagging order brought by the Moti Group


Law | 3 July 2023

Moti Group accused of bringing SLAPP suit

Media freedom organisations have asked to join court proceedings in the amaBhungane “gagging” case


Law | 22 June 2023

AmaBhungane fights back

The investigative journalist outfit has applied to court to urgently reconsider the “gagging order” curbing its reporting on the Moti Group


Law | 10 June 2023

Judge slams ruling against amaBhungane

“I cannot understand how this order was granted” - Judge.


Law | 3 June 2023

AmaBhungane journalists “gagged” by Moti Group

An interim interdict against the journalists was granted in chambers without prior notice


Law | 2 June 2023

Drop in support from government is “devastating” for community newspapers

Five community newspapers in KwaZulu-Natal have been forced to close down after advertising cuts by the state


News | 16 May 2023

Court orders former Lottery boss to pay punitive legal costs to journalist

Raymond Joseph is suing former Chief Operating Officer of the National Lotteries Commission Phillemon Letwaba for defamation


Law | 1 March 2023

Judge makes U-turn on State Security Agency judgment

Judge Molefe decides to make public her judgment suppressing Independent Newspapers report


Law | 19 October 2022

The media has failed to warn society about climate collapse, says science writer

Climate reporting guide for South African media launches


Brief | 16 September 2022

Daily Maverick wins defamation case

Columnist Modibe Modiba ordered to pay R100,000, remove comments and apologise


Law | 15 August 2022

Massive staff costs at state agency that is supposed to fund media

The Media Diversity and Development Agency, marred by squabbles at the top, spends over 35% of its income on staff and administration


Feature | 14 June 2022

Publishers slam state agency tasked with funding media

The Association of Independent Publishers says it plans to take legal action against the Media Diversity and Development Agency


News | 8 June 2022

ICASA issues radio licence to deregistered company

Regulator ignores compliance requirements


News | 30 March 2022

An interview with Hopewell Chin’ono

Journalist says reporters in Zimbabwe live in fear of arrest


Interview | 17 August 2021