The Lottery and its discontents

Here are articles on who plays the South African Lottery, how the Lottery money is distributed, and dodgy dealings by the National Lotteries Commission and its recipients.

Tata ma (almost no) chance: Household income of most lottery players is less than R10,000 per month

UNISA survey gives insight into who plays the Lotto and why


Feature | 2 December 2019

The Lottery and the mystery multi-million rand boxing arena

A Gauteng company with no track record in construction was contracted to build a facility in the small Eastern Cape town of Storms River


Feature | 28 November 2019

Does Sunday World want to do journalism or be a defender of corruption?

Newspaper’s attack on our reporter is malicious


GroundView | 25 November 2019

Patel’s spokesman dodges questions on Lottery

GroundUp told to rather focus on investment conference


News | 13 November 2019

National Lotteries Commission grilled in Parliament

Questions asked about conflicts of interest and unfinished projects


Parliament | 6 November 2019

Lottery hides its beneficiaries following corruption exposés

Minister Ebrahim Patel still failing to answer questions


News | 4 November 2019

How to buy your dream house using public money

Documents show that Lottopreneur Lesley Ramulifho used at least R5 million from a Lottery grant to pay for his luxury Pretoria house


Feature | 31 October 2019

The Lottery COO and the mysterious payments

Bank statements show that company directed by COO’s wife paid money into Lottery recipient’s account, yet she denies it


News | 25 October 2019

Lotteries Commission is trying to sell you horse manure

COO Phillemon Letwaba has been unable to explain the numerous anomalies in the funding of Lesley Ramulifho’s projects


Opinion | 23 October 2019

How a lawyer used a Lottery-funded project as his personal ATM

Lesley Ramulifho paid for fancy restaurants, high-end interior decor and work on a Porsche using money meant for a drug rehab


Feature | 22 October 2019

Lottery COO sues GroundUp for R600k

Summons alleges defamation


News | 17 October 2019

NLC response to Sershan Naidoo’s allegations

Lottery fund distributor says it follows the “spirit and letter of the law”


Right to reply | 10 October 2019

Former National Lotteries Commission executive heads to Labour Court

Sershan Naidoo says he was questioning the use of Lottery funds


News | 9 October 2019

Lottery whistleblower pays a high price

But evidence supports his allegations


Feature | 19 September 2019

Ebrahim Patel recommends criminal case in Lottery debacle

Minister expresses displeasure with Lottery’s own investigation into controversial grant


News | 6 September 2019

DTI washes its hands of lottery scandal

Minister Ebrahim Patel is legally obliged to hold the National Lotteries Commission accountable


News | 15 August 2019