Male murder rate is a national health priority, say researchers

Medical Research Council study has looked at why 87% of people murdered in South Africa are men


News | 8 December 2023

The EU protects its companies from Big Pharma. South Africa needs to do the same

Critical work being done by local scientists is at risk


Opinion | 7 December 2023

South Africans are living longer, mostly thanks to HIV treatment

Antiretroviral medicines have been a success, but more work is needed to reach United Nations targets

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Science | 1 December 2023

Asbestos roofs still haven’t been replaced in Stellenbosch municipal housing

Residents of Cloetesville flats say they keep asking for repairs to be done


News | 28 November 2023

Protesters call for new hospital in Gugulethu

The old hospital can’t cope says Movement for Change and Social Justice


Brief | 21 November 2023

Call for a national early childhood feeding scheme

There is no government nutrition programme for children before they enter formal schooling


Brief | 16 November 2023

22 Gauteng schools built with asbestos still haven’t been replaced

Historic Kliptown Primary School is one of them


News | 16 November 2023

Over 100 grannies march in Durban to demand better healthcare and housing

This follows a three-day conference that brought together grandmothers from across the country


Brief | 27 October 2023

Life-saving TB drug is now cheaper in South Africa, but not as cheap as it can be

Johnson & Johnson has agreed to drop the price of bedaquiline to the South African government by more than 40%


News | 27 October 2023

Health department has not fully implemented court order, say lawyers

The department was ordered to put notices up in hospitals and clinics stating that children under six and pregnant and breastfeeding women are eligible for free health care irrespective of nationality


News | 26 October 2023

Health department agrees to pay nurses uniform allowance

The temporary allowance is R3,153


Brief | 17 October 2023

Flying the kite for mental health

The annual Cape Mental Health kite event was held at Heideveld Sports Field on Tuesday


Brief | 10 October 2023

Political appointments cripple Lesotho hospital

Wage bill at flagship Queen ‘Mamohato Memorial Hospital balloons by R48-million over a year as politicians appoint family members and friends


Feature | 6 October 2023

Department of Health in last-minute bid to avoid stand-off with nurses over uniforms

Union says nurses will work in their own clothes if uniform allowance is not sorted out


News | 3 October 2023

Old age funding is not keeping pace with our ageing population, report finds

Family Caregiving calls on government to prioritise community-based care services


News | 3 October 2023

Hundreds walk to celebrate recovery from addiction

Only about 1 in 20 South Africans with drug or alcohol problems access treatment

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Photo Essay | 2 October 2023