Freedom of Expression

Crowd storms police station after Komani protest leaders arrested

A planned shutdown of the Eastern Cape town was thwarted by police


Brief | 23 February 2024

South African journalists hold vigil in solidarity with Palestinian journalists

Committee to Protect Journalists has recorded 83 deaths since 7 October but is investigating many other unconfirmed deaths of reporters


Brief | 28 January 2024

Aussie mining company “SLAPP suit” partly settled out of court

Six South African defendants have reached an agreement with Mineral Commodities Ltd


News | 22 November 2023

“Activist” ordered to remove defamatory social media posts

“Believing that one pursues a worthy cause in the public interest does not justify publishing false statements about another party”


Law | 19 October 2023

Bester and Magudumana threaten court action to stop book release

Thabo Bester wants to “avoid being prosecuted by and in the media”, according to his lawyers


Brief | 11 October 2023

UCT should not host anti-gay professor

Patrick Lumumba’s statements perpetuate lies about same-sex relationships in African history


Opinion | 4 July 2023

AmaBhungane ungagged to report on Moti files

The investigative news agency has overturned a gagging order brought by the Moti Group


Law | 3 July 2023

Moti Group are bullies, says amaBhungane lawyer

AmaBhungane investigations agency is in court to overturn a “gagging” order limiting their reporting on the Moti Group


Law | 27 June 2023

Reality show cleared of inciting domestic violence and hatred

Decision against Moja Love by BCCSA commissioner overturned


News | 22 June 2023

Moti Group accused of bringing SLAPP suit

Media freedom organisations have asked to join court proceedings in the amaBhungane “gagging” case


Law | 22 June 2023

Free media at stake in battle between amaBhungane and Moti Group

Parties head to court again on 27 June, following Judge Holland-Muter’s ex-parte “gagging” order


Law | 20 June 2023

AmaBhungane fights back

The investigative journalist outfit has applied to court to urgently reconsider the “gagging order” curbing its reporting on the Moti Group


Law | 10 June 2023

Judge slams ruling against amaBhungane

“I cannot understand how this order was granted” - Judge.


Law | 3 June 2023

AmaBhungane journalists “gagged” by Moti Group

An interim interdict against the journalists was granted in chambers without prior notice


Law | 2 June 2023

GroundUp told to remove Lottery article following fake copyright claim

If we don’t remove the article access to our website may be blocked

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News | 19 May 2023

Can journalists publish “stolen” information?

South African law says yes, if it is in the public interest - which is not the same thing as interesting


Law | 18 May 2023