Freedom of Expression

AmaBhungane ungagged to report on Moti files

The investigative news agency has overturned a gagging order brought by the Moti Group


Law | 3 July 2023

Moti Group are bullies, says amaBhungane lawyer

AmaBhungane investigations agency is in court to overturn a “gagging” order limiting their reporting on the Moti Group


Law | 27 June 2023

Reality show cleared of inciting domestic violence and hatred

Decision against Moja Love by BCCSA commissioner overturned


News | 22 June 2023

Moti Group accused of bringing SLAPP suit

Media freedom organisations have asked to join court proceedings in the amaBhungane “gagging” case


Law | 22 June 2023

Free media at stake in battle between amaBhungane and Moti Group

Parties head to court again on 27 June, following Judge Holland-Muter’s ex-parte “gagging” order


Law | 20 June 2023

AmaBhungane fights back

The investigative journalist outfit has applied to court to urgently reconsider the “gagging order” curbing its reporting on the Moti Group


Law | 10 June 2023

Judge slams ruling against amaBhungane

“I cannot understand how this order was granted” - Judge.


Law | 3 June 2023

AmaBhungane journalists “gagged” by Moti Group

An interim interdict against the journalists was granted in chambers without prior notice


Law | 2 June 2023

GroundUp told to remove Lottery article following fake copyright claim

If we don’t remove the article access to our website may be blocked

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News | 19 May 2023

Can journalists publish “stolen” information?

South African law says yes, if it is in the public interest - which is not the same thing as interesting


Law | 18 May 2023

AmaBhungane’s journalists versus Zunaid Moti and Paul O’Sullivan

Reporters fear arrest after exposé links businessman to Zimbabwean president


News | 10 May 2023

Popular TV show fined for domestic violence episode

There was no corrective to Isencane Lengane’s depiction of gender-based violence, says the Broadcasting Complaints Commission


News | 2 May 2023

Public display of old SA flag is hate speech, rules SCA

Ruling on the display of the flag in private homes to be determined at another hearing, if brought before a court


Law | 21 April 2023

Zuma’s attack on the media won’t work

We stand with Karyn Maughan


GroundView | 23 March 2023

Court orders former Lottery boss to pay punitive legal costs to journalist

Raymond Joseph is suing former Chief Operating Officer of the National Lotteries Commission Phillemon Letwaba for defamation


Law | 1 March 2023

Environmental activists revise pleas in “SLAPP case” brought by Australian miners

Marathon legal battle against R14.25-million defamation case continues


Law | 1 February 2023