Vegetable garden faces chop for being too ‘untidy’

"Not in our backyard," say library staff


News | 25 October 2016

Strike at Robertson Winery enters its second month

Workers want a minimum of R8,500 a month


News | 21 September 2016

Still no justice in Ashton farm murder case

18 months after farmworker’s death, no-one has been charged


News | 16 September 2016

Karoo dam is dangerously empty

Threat of job losses on farms as drought bites


News | 8 September 2016

Greytown farm workers get share in farm business

“We are now farmers. Our children will have a better future.”


News | 2 September 2016

Robertson Winery workers on strike

Workers demand R8,500 a month


News | 24 August 2016

Study links wage increase to job losses on farms

But researchers cautious about findings


News | 28 July 2016

Award-winning Zimbabwean N7 farmers’ version of events disputed

Landowners give different account


News | 11 May 2016

Zimbabweans make thriving farm on abandoned land

Land-owner on N7 bet them that it was unprofitable


News | 4 May 2016

Mother of poisoned farmworker demands answers

18-year-old died after drinking insecticide


News | 15 April 2016

Robertson farmworkers accuse contractor of “unfair” dismissal

Employer says contracts came to an end


News | 5 April 2016

Voters fed up with councillor in Cape Town’s vegetable garden

Urban pressure on Philippi can affect food prices across city


Analysis | 31 March 2016

Philippi workers blockade farm after dismissal

Women accuse farmer of racism


News | 9 March 2016

Farm worker wage up R40 a week

Rate of increase to slow down in future


News | 1 March 2016

Concerns that drought and weak currency will push up food prices

The skyrocketing price of both white and yellow maize during 2015 as well as estimates of only half of the usual crop sizes being planted for the 2016 season raise concerns for food price inflation.


Analysis | 13 January 2016