Basic Income Grant

Can South Africa afford a Basic Income Grant? Or can we afford not to?

GroundUp and Black Sash hosted a debate on the feasibility of the Basic Income Grant (BIG) on Thursday


News | 26 April 2024

Black Sash petitions social development minister to oversee SASSA

The civil society organisation lists numerous issues with social grant payments it says need to be addressed urgently


Brief | 14 June 2023

“R350 is an insult. It is even less than the lunch of a minister’s son a day”

Activist groups demand Basic Income Grant of R1,500 at Kariega protest


Brief | 23 February 2023

Basic Income Grant: South Africa CAN afford to pay it

We can do it without cutting back on other grants


Debate | 4 October 2022

Universal social security is now a matter of urgency

Government must implement a policy for either a basic income grant or a grant for unemployed people

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Opinion | 3 December 2021

20 years later government still “discussing” Basic Income Grant

Even as the push for a comprehensive grant gathers pace, civil society organisations doubt the political will is there


News | 22 June 2021

Not introducing a Basic Income Grant could be “disastrous” says ANC report

Proposal is for R500 a month for everyone aged 18 to 59


News | 30 July 2020