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How can I get compensation if I was wrongfully arrested?

There are a few ways you can do this, but it must be within three years of the arrest.

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Whatย can I do if I was wrongfully arrested?

If a false charge is being made against you, you have the right to challenge your arrest in court.

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What can I do after my house was searched by the police with no search warrant?

The police is required to ask your consent to search the property without a warrant and tell you the purpose of the search. You should call a lawyer.

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How does one get rid of their SAPS Persal number?

Approach the SAPS unit or contact the Department of Public Service and Administration

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Police officers arrested my friend for filming them assault someone. Are they allowed to do that?

It is entirely legal to film police arresting โ€“ or assaulting โ€“ someone.

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