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How can I apply for a disability grant if I cannot get to the SASSA office?

The short answer

You can ask a family member or friend to apply on your behalf. They must take a letter from you and a doctor's note saying why you can't visit the office yourself.

The long answer

The Western Cape government website says that if you are unable to get to the SASSA offices yourself, you can ask a family member or friend to apply on your behalf. This person should take a letter from you and a doctor's note saying why you can't visit the office yourself.

They say that you must complete the application form in the presence of the SASSA officer (and they say that only you, as the applicant, or a SASSA official can complete the application form). Thus I am presuming that if you can’t come yourself, the SASSA official will complete it. They say that the official will interview and inform you if you qualify for the grant.

Although the application is free, they say you'll get a receipt and should keep it as proof that you applied.

These are the documents you need to apply for the old age grant (where they apply to you):

  • Your official identity document (ID).

  • Proof of your marital status (if applicable).

  • Proof of your address.

  • Proof of your income and dividends.

  • Proof of your assets, including the value of the property you own.

  • Proof of your private pension (if any).

  • Your 3-month bank statement. 

  • If you were employed, an Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) ('blue book') or discharge certificate from your previous employer.

  • If your spouse died within the last 5 years, a copy of your spouse’s death certificate, their will, and the first and final liquidation and distribution accounts, where applicable.

It may take up to three months to process your application. If your grant is approved, you'll be paid from the date on which you applied. If SASSA refuses your application, they will give you a letter explaining why and how you can appeal within 90 days of being notified.

SASSA will cancel your grant if you die, are admitted to a state institution or if your income or assets improve so much that you no longer pass the means test. You have to inform the department of any changes in your circumstances.

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Answered on June 12, 2024, 11:29 a.m.

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