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How should matric 2020 learners without IDs apply to tertiary education institutions?

The short answer

You can still apply for a temporary ID at Home Affairs.

The whole question

Some matric students do not have IDs. I would like to know how matric 2020 learners should apply to a tertiary institution while the Department of Home Affairs is closed?

The long answer

Home Affairs said it was cooperating with the Education Department to roll out IDs for matric students in certain provinces using a mobile van during June 2020 (Youth month), but it is not clear if this mobile van initiative was meant to go on after June, and which provinces were involved other than Mpumalanga and KwaZulu-Natal. 

According to the latest information we could find on Home Affairs offices under Level 3 lockdown, they are open from 8.30 to 3.30 on weekdays, and are only closed for disinfection for 24 hours if a staff member is found to have Covid-19.

Home Affairs says they are issuing temporary ID certificates under Level 3 lockdown. They do not say exactly how long a temporary ID certificate is valid for, but say it is for “a short time.” 

Since they are not issuing permanent IDs at this time under Level 3, matric students without IDs should apply for temporary ID certificates and use them to apply to tertiary institutions.

To get a temporary ID certificate, you need the following:

  • B1-9 form completed in black ink at Home Affairs

  • Two identical ID colour photographs

  • A certified copy of your birth certificate (If there is no birth certificate, forms DHA-24, DHA-24/A x 2 and DHA-288 must be filled in to register the birth. There must also be written reasons for why the birth was not registered.)

  • Proof of address (If you take a utilities bill like an electricity bill, you need an affidavit from your parent/guardian to confirm that you live at the address. You can also just apply for a club card from a supermarket which will give your address.) 

  • Your fingerprints will be taken by Home Affairs officials and printed.

In ordinary times, someone who is applying for an ID for the first time is usually accompanied by one or both of their parents or legal guardian, and they in turn must have certified copies of their IDs. In this time of coronavirus, though, where they want to restrict the number of people inside the offices, you can probably just present a certified copy of your parent/s’ ID.     

It costs R70.00 for a temporary ID certificate.

Answered on July 30, 2020, 10:14 a.m.

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