Right to reply

NUMSA responds to our report

And we respond to NUMSA


Right to reply | 4 March 2022

Vaccines: it’s not so simple

Health department official replies to article in GroundUp


Right to reply | 26 May 2021

Councillor defends Cape Town’s record on homeless people

“Cape Town sprang into action, reaching roughly double the number of homeless persons compared to the whole of Gauteng”


Right to reply | 11 September 2020

Illegal occupations affect us all, says Mayco member

Over 300 land occupations in the Cape Town metro since January


Right to reply | 3 September 2020

When activist journalists withhold the truth to suit their narrative

A response to GroundUp’s article on Coca Cola and the City of Cape Town


Right to reply | 13 May 2020

The dumping of former farm workers can never be justified

There should be a moratorium on farm evictions


Right to reply | 18 March 2020

Our farm had to evict people: It was lawful and justified

Francina Petersen was dismissed for chronic absenteeism and offered alternative accommodation


Right to reply | 12 March 2020

Viewfinder responds to Robert McBride

McBride’s critique of our exposé was surprising. He is on record agreeing with some of our article’s most important takeaways.


Right to reply | 18 October 2019

NLC response to Sershan Naidoo’s allegations

Lottery fund distributor says it follows the “spirit and letter of the law”


Right to reply | 10 October 2019

Australian mining manager sued an employee for R200k. The court awarded him R200.

Mineral Commodities responds to GroundUp article


Right to reply | 20 March 2019

Grahamstown’s water problems are under control

It is going to be a fantastic festival


Right to reply | 24 June 2018

Repossession of homes: Nedbank responds to criticism

Nedbank does not make a profit from repossessions, says the bank


Right to reply | 6 December 2017

Province committed to affordable housing

A response to Ndifuna Ukwazi’s Jared Rossouw


Right to reply | 16 October 2017

Stampede for securitisation of UCT clouds logical argument

A response to Judge Dennis Davis by members of Staff for Social Justice in Education


Right to reply | 8 November 2016

Cape Town’s sanitation delivery best in country

Response to the International Budget Partnership and the Social Justice Coalition


Right to reply | 25 May 2016