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Activists call for a task team to find ways to boost Covid grant

Social protection provides a lifeline but it’s not enough, say researchers


Brief | 17 May 2022

Post Office no longer paying R350 grant

Beneficiaries must now collect their money at retail stores or USave


News | 12 May 2022

Broken bureaucracy violating prisoners’ rights

Sifiso Tembe may or may not be guilty. But he has definitely not been given a fair trial process

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News | 10 May 2022

Young people have to choose between eating and looking for work, survey finds

The cost of looking for employment is too high, say researchers


News | 6 May 2022

Seven million people have applied for the R350 grant since Saturday

Social Development says its budget can only cater for 10.5-million


Brief | 29 April 2022

SASSA not processing new applications for the R350 Covid grant

The agency says it’s waiting for Department of Social Development to finalise amended regulations


News | 19 April 2022

Protesters say poor people excluded from housing indaba

Demonstrations outside and inside convention centre at Cape Town launch of land release programme

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News | 8 April 2022

Prison visits reinstated as National State of Disaster ends

Covid mandatory protocols and regulations will still be adhered to during visits


Brief | 7 April 2022

Cape Town to give an additional R10-million to shelters

Human Rights Commission urges city to move away from ‘us and them’ mentality when it comes to homelessness


News | 4 April 2022

E-hailing drivers stop work over safety and pay

“When you complain, you speak to robots”

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News | 23 March 2022

New award for high school activists

Family and friends of the late Sakina Grimwood have launched a fund for other young activists at schools in Cape Town


Brief | 8 March 2022

Hospital porters protest, block entrance to Groote Schuur

Porters lost their jobs when a new contractor was appointed

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Brief | 1 March 2022

Child Support Grant needs to be increased, report finds

Researchers say the grant should be R624 – the food poverty line


News | 25 February 2022

UCT students protest against registrations being blocked because of outstanding fees

Special council meeting on Monday is expected to deliberate the university’s policy


News | 18 February 2022

Half of non-profit organisations are failing to comply with the law

Department of Social Development claims it is deregistering non-compliant organisations


Brief | 17 February 2022

SAFTU protests for R1,500 Basic Income Grant

Zwelinzima Vavi says that the R350 Covid relief grant doesn’t even buy a daily loaf of bread


News | 11 February 2022