Articles for Sibahle Siqathule

Unemployed young men fix the roads the municipality cannot manage

Taxi association says the R61 from Lusikisiki to Flagstaff is potholed and dangerous


News | 19 August 2020

Prison riot in Lusikisiki

Awaiting trial inmates say their “rights are grossly violated” by the Covid-19 lockdown regulations


Brief | 12 May 2020

Covid-19: Port St Johns mostly ignores mayor’s call for total shutdown

With eight confirmed cases, mayor hoped to “break the chain”


Brief | 21 April 2020

Covid-19: Lockdown life in crowded Lusikisiki

Villagers who come to town to shop have to wait hours for taxis to take them home


Brief | 18 April 2020

Lusikisiki drowning in rubbish and sewage

“I’ve got used to the smell of sewage but my customers have not,” says food stall owner


News | 11 March 2020

Family of six no longer has to survive on one old age pension

Mayor and government intervene to help Flagstaff family get IDs, social grants and a better home


Brief | 13 August 2019

Residents of apartheid-era shack town still have no electricity or toilets

“Government has chosen to forget us”


News | 26 July 2019

If this is freedom then I don’t want it, says 80-year-old Flagstaff granny

No IDs, so no social grants: family survives off grandmother’s pension


News | 10 May 2019

Declare disaster zone, pleads flood victim in Port St Johns informal settlement

“The municipality promised us RDP houses in a safe place, but more than five years later we’re in the same situation”


News | 29 April 2019

Villagers want authorities to build a wall to divide them

Residents in Zitha and Sicamba in the Eastern Cape have been feuding since last year


News | 11 April 2019

Immigrant shop owners targeted by criminals in Lusikisiki

Hawkers’ Association fears immigrants will leave: “The consequences will be terrible for us all”


Brief | 12 March 2019

Picket against bad treatment at Lusikisiki clinic

The TAC held a protest at Xurana clinic which they say is losing patients in “droves”


Brief | 1 March 2019

Support for men accused of vigilante murder in Lusikisiki

“We are waging a war on crime”


News | 22 November 2018

“Criminals rule this village”

Flagstaff residents demand better policing and tougher action


Brief | 9 November 2018