Articles for Noah Schermbrucker

Government needs to innovate if it hopes to address the housing crisis

NGOs could play a vital role as intermediaries


Opinion | 30 August 2023

There’s a way to sort out lighting in informal settlements

Solar powered public lights are better than high-mast lights, collaborative Cape Town project suggests


Opinion | 23 June 2023

Western Cape has tried a new approach to housing. It’s bearing fruit

The programme accepts that informal settlements are a major part of our cities


Opinion | 13 January 2023

Major shift in housing policy is an opportunity for civil society

We need a comprehensive approach to site and service schemes

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Opinion | 14 April 2022

We won’t fix development until we fix our municipalities

Citizens have been reduced to passive beneficiaries of state assistance which often never arrives


Opinion | 30 July 2020

Small towns are missing the chance to change apartheid’s geography

With political will, it can be done

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Opinion | 8 November 2019

Hundreds of thousands of homeowners do not have title deeds

Here are the consequences of this, and what we need to do about it

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Analysis | 6 June 2017

Building rules and regulations work against Cape Town’s poor

We must challenge planning and land use management if we want a more equal city


Opinion | 1 February 2017