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UCT students defy court order

Students at UCT, protesting at a planned 10.3% fee hike, marched on the university residences today and then on Rondebosch police station to demand the release of students arrested this morning.

Ashleigh Furlong

News | 20 October 2015

Students shut down UCT

UCT students uniting under the banner of #feesmustfall and #UCTshutdown protested today against the 10.3% fee increase for 2016. The students demanded an emergency meeting with the university council and a meeting between all vice-chancellors in the country, the Minister of Finance Nhlanhla Nene and the Minister of Higher Education Blade Nzimande, to discuss university fees.

Ashleigh Furlong

News | 19 October 2015

Land conference hears stories of hope and despair

Communities struggling for adequate housing should do their own surveys of what they need, members of various communities told the land justice conference in Cape Town on 13 October.

Barbara Maregele and Ashleigh Furlong

News | 14 October 2015

Use the law, not violence, say activists at land conference

People facing eviction needed knowledge of the laws and their rights, a member of the South Road community told the urban land justice colloquium on 13 October.

Barbara Maregele and Ashleigh Furlong

News | 14 October 2015

South Africa’s real nutrition problems

Based on how much of our public space Tim Noakes and the Banting diet occupy, you might think that one of the most important nutrition problems facing South Africa is the carbohydrate vs fat intake in our diets. It just isn’t.

Ashleigh Furlong

News | 2 October 2015

Battle over Mfuleni housing sites

The drawn out struggle for serviced sites in Ward 108 in Bardale, Mfuleni, has led to allegations of mismanagement and corruption. These allegations emerged following the removal of 45 illegally erected structures in the area on Monday by the City of Cape Town’s Anti-Land Invasion Unit (ALIU). Stones were thrown and rubber bullets fired. About 16 people were arrested.

Ashleigh Furlong

News | 17 September 2015

Changing your gender in South Africa

“I have some very vivid memories of when I was really young, say four or five years old, my grandmother would dress me in women’s clothing and say, ‘Look at my granddaughter’, but also in a playful way,' says Sandile Ndelu, a transgender woman, who is a law student at UCT.

Ashleigh Furlong

Feature | 15 September 2015

Naked and dead in the dirt

The man was almost naked. He had burn marks on his arms. There was a sock on one of his feet and he lay facedown in the dirt. He was found dead in Mfuleni this morning after what appeared to be an act of mob justice.

Masixole Feni and Ashleigh Furlong

News | 7 September 2015

Jobs more important than smells, say Hangberg residents

The proposed closure of Oceana’s Hout Bay Fishmeal and Fish Oil Facility is worrying people of Hangberg, where many employees live.

Ashleigh Furlong

Feature | 2 September 2015

Coalition launched to decriminalise sex work

In the wake of Amnesty International’s vote to adopt a policy that supports sex work decriminalisation, the Asijiki Coalition for the Decriminalisation of Sex Work was launched in Cape Town on 27 August. The coalition consists of sex workers, activists, advocates and defenders of human rights.

Ashleigh Furlong

News | 28 August 2015

When temporary housing isn’t temporary

“They promised us that we would stay for a short period of time. They didn’t keep their promise,” says Amelia Nono, who came to Intersite, a temporary relocation area (TRA) in Langa, nine years ago.

Ashleigh Furlong

Feature | 18 August 2015

“Sex work should not cost me my life”

On a wet and windy Tuesday morning on the corner of Oak and Main roads in Kenilworth, people gathered to sing and dance on the pavement, many in bright orange T-shirts with the words, 'Sex work should not cost me my life' written across their fronts.

Ashleigh Furlong

News | 5 August 2015

Taking your life in your hands on Metrorail

In the past year, 394 incidents of crime on trains were reported in the Western Cape according to Metrorail. “We are losing lives on overcrowded and dangerous trains,” said Cosatu Western Cape provincial secretary Tony Ehrenreich last week at the launch of its Section 77 application to Nedlac relating to train transport in the Western Cape. A lack of security on the trains is a key concern of the campaign.

Ashleigh Furlong

News | 3 August 2015

There’s no excuse, Minister: Here’s the proof

There are massive medicine stockouts in the public health system. These are mainly due to failures within the state system, not external problems such as global supply shortages that Minister of Health Aaron Motsoaledi has claimed are primarily responsible. Here’s the proof.

Ashleigh FurlongNathan Geffen

News | 30 June 2015

Marikana Commission dodges compensation issue

What compensation should there be for the victims of the Marikana massacre? The answer given in Judge Ian Farlam's final report released by President Zuma on Thursday night differs substantially from the recommendations given by the Marikana Commission's evidence leaders.

Ashleigh Furlong and GroundUp staff

News | 26 June 2015

Wynberg residents resist MyCiti bus plans

Residents in Wynberg and Plumstead were still up in arms on Wednesday over the new planned MyCiti bus route. They claim it has not involved true public participation. If implemented as currently proposed, many families will have to be evicted and the social character of Wynberg will be changed.

Ashleigh Furlong

News | 19 June 2015