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Sick miners to get up to R500k

Historic settlement reached in silicosis case


News | 3 May 2018

Mines report progress in preventing deadly silicosis

But very little information on dust monitoring


News | 12 February 2018

Silicosis case: we’re close to a settlement, say lawyers for both sides

Gold mines drop their plan to appeal against court ruling


Brief | 10 January 2018

Silicosis: Department of Mineral Resources slams “lawyers who loot”

Deputy minister cites asbestos case in bid to muscle in on new trust fund


News | 12 December 2017

Silicosis: we’re close to a deal with the mines, says miners’ attorney

Rate of deaths among mineworkers makes settlement urgent


News | 11 December 2017

At last, some hope for injured workers

Compensation Fund starts to work properly again


Analysis | 28 November 2017

R66 million paid out to former miners with silicosis

Q(h)ubeka Trust reports back after first 16 months


Feature | 14 September 2017

Marikana: Lonmin’s dodgy housing record

GroundUp inquiry reveals painfully slow pace of construction


Feature | 4 September 2017

End in sight for silicosis case?

Anglo American and Gold Fields may settle with miners and their families


Analysis | 11 August 2017

Silicosis: the shifting sands of compensation for sick miners

Demutualisation of insurer adds new twist


Opinion | 28 March 2017

Silicosis: unpacking the gold mines’ strategy

Settlement plan as court date approaches


Opinion | 27 March 2017

Setback for gold miners’ silicosis claims

Mining companies granted leave to appeal against class action ruling


News | 22 September 2016

Silicosis: The gold mines’ ambitious plan

Gold mines bid to change the whole workers’ compensation system


Analysis | 19 July 2016

Silicosis: Laduuuma! But who moved the goalposts?

Mining companies prepare a new strategy


Analysis | 18 July 2016

Understanding the silicosis judgment

Hundreds of thousands of families could benefit from the class action lawsuit that can now take place


Analysis | 16 May 2016

Silicosis: an epidemic of racism?

As the judges of the South Gauteng High Court prepare their findings in the massive silicosis class action case, Pete Lewis reflects on the failure of the compensation system to protect black mineworkers from the disease, condemning them to poverty and destitution.

Pete Lewis

Analysis | 27 October 2015