“Mayor should go to jail” over water failures

Judge describes Limpopo municipality as “disgraceful”


News | 12 September 2017

Residents compel Limpopo municipality to provide clean water

But it remains to be seen if the Sekhukhune District Municipality will stick to court settlement


Law | 18 August 2017

Eastern Cape towns struggle with water rationing

Drought takes its toll in Amathole district


Brief | 16 August 2017

Eastern Cape villagers drink water with animals

Taps in KwaDukathole have run dry since 2014, say villagers


Brief | 14 August 2017

Municipality fails to explain why taps have run dry

Mooiplaas residents forced to fetch water from a river and neighbouring settlements


Brief | 21 July 2017

What is government doing about Cape Town’s water crisis?

There are a number of projects underway, but it’s not yet clear if it’s enough


Feature | 18 July 2017

Woodstock residents facing eviction describe neglect by landlord

Brother of 52-year-old man who died in a fire in Albert Road two years ago says he is still traumatised by the event


News | 29 June 2017

Toilets not emptied for a year, say residents

Roads barricaded in Pietermaritzburg following electricity and water disruptions


Brief | 20 June 2017

Paddling across Cape Town

The health of the city can be seen in the condition of its waterways


Opinion | 15 June 2017

Researchers test nifty way to save water in informal settlement

“One of the things that we’ve done badly across Africa… is deal with the surface runoff”


Solutions | 14 June 2017

Some Cape Town homes without water at night as City tries to find right pressure

Councillor urges residents to report problems


Brief | 6 June 2017

What happens when the dams run dry?

Mayor Patricia de Lille: “We are going to have to cut the water off for long hours like with load-shedding”


News | 19 May 2017

What needs to be done about Cape Town’s water crisis

“Decision making … is now lagging too far behind our current reality”


News | 18 May 2017

Here’s where to find data on Cape Town’s water crisis

Government, the weather service and academics need to do better at making data and analysis of the water crisis available


News | 17 May 2017

Study finds that climate change threatens fynbos

Damaged ecosystem would have consequences for water catchment in Western Cape


News | 17 May 2017

What’s causing Cape Town’s water crisis?

Population growth, drought and climate change threaten the city’s water supply


News | 16 May 2017