South Africa in numbers

South Africa: key statistics ahead of the 2024 elections

Here is how we’re doing on unemployment, murder, housing, life-expectancy and social grants


Information | 18 December 2023

South Africans are living longer, mostly thanks to HIV treatment

Antiretroviral medicines have been a success, but more work is needed to reach United Nations targets

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Science | 1 December 2023

How unemployment has changed since 2000

Jobless rate has not dropped below 20% since 2000


News | 23 November 2023

Here’s how South Africa’s social grant system has changed since 1994

SASSA pays 26-million grants every month


Information | 2 November 2023

Housing in South Africa: How have we done since 1994?

We’ve made progress but the quality of the data is poor, especially the latest census

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Analysis | 31 October 2023

How bad is South Africa’s murder rate?

And has the Western Cape turned the corner?

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News | 2 June 2023