SJC activists arrested during protest outside Mayor’s office

Several Social Justice Coalition (SJC) members who chained themselves to railings at the Civic Centre in Cape Town this morning vowing they would not budge until Mayor Patricia de Lille addressed them, were arrested and held at Caledon Square Police Station. They have not yet been charged.

Tariro Washinyira

News | 11 September 2013

Millions for Western Cape substance abuse programmes

The Department of Social Development in the Western Cape has increased this years annual budget for interventions to address substance abuse to R87-million.

Nwabisa Pondoyi

News | 11 September 2013

No tap and one toilet

A fed-up Khayelitsha resident is anxious to know why the City of Cape Town is not making any provision for water and sanitation on her street.

Mary-Anne Gontsana

News | 28 August 2013

Follow-up on Khayelitsha streetlights

In February, GroundUp published a report on the issue of street lights in Khayelitsha, in particular on Lansdowne Road and Mew Way. Activist organizations -- the Social Justice Coalition (SJC), Treatment Action Campaign (TAC) and Equal Education (EE) -- held a march on 4 February in Khayelitsha.

Thandile Majivolo

News | 22 August 2013

Dissatisfaction with service delivery at Khayelitsha District Hospital

The new Khayelitsha District Hospital, officially opened in April 2012, has attracted widespread criticism and unhappiness with its quality of service, which has fallen far short of expectation.

Thandile Majivolo

News | 21 August 2013

Manenberg gang violence

Western Cape Police conducted crime operations in the Manenberg area on 19 August as part of ongoing efforts to end gang violence as learners returned to school

Mary-Anne Gontsana

News | 20 August 2013

Khayelitsha residents march in support of police inquiry, as court hears case

On Tuesday judgement for the O’Regan/Pikoli Commission of Inquiry (COI) into policing in Khayelitsha was reserved by the Constitutional Court. A full bench of 11 justices heard the case.

Mary-anne Gontsana

News | 8 August 2013

What should be done about land in South Africa?

I think about land matters quite a bit, especially now that I’m living on a small holding in the Karoo. In 1999, I was invited to make a video showing the "challenges" (yes that was still an acceptable word back then) of land reform in the Free State.

Jack Lewis

Opinion | 24 July 2013

Zille’s misguided defence of Motshekga

Helen Zille may seem like an unlikely advocate for Angie Motshekga, but she is not. The two have come to each other’s aid on more than one occasion.

Doron Isaacs

Opinion | 23 July 2013

What patients are saying about Khayelitsha Hospital

On 17 April the Western Cape Health Minister, Theuns Botha, opened Khayelitsha Hospital, “Today marks a milestone of improved service delivery for the people of the Western Cape. Finally, after a lifetime of travelling to distant hospitals, the people of Khayelitsha now have access to a hospital in their immediate vicinity that will compare to the best in the world.”

Pharie Sefali

News | 17 July 2013

Microchip road to real democracy

The advice of the Italian revolutionary, Antonio Gramsci constantly comes to mind these days: exercise pessimism of the intellect, but optimism of the will. I must admit that it has become a great deal easier over recent months to exercise pessimism of the intellect — and increasingly difficult to exercise optimism of the will to do something about changing things, domestically or globally.

Terry Bell

Opinion | 2 July 2013

Heading for the 2014 (E)lection

E-tolling, excrement and expanded public works. Apart from starting with the letter “E” they appear at first sight to have nothing in common. But with the country heading toward what promises to be a bitterly contested election in April or May next year, they are not only linked, they are likely to be major campaigning features.

Terry Bell

Opinion | 24 June 2013

Recent survey reveals youth hardships

South Africa devotes significant resources to youth development, with 20% of the national government's budget going towards education alone. However, a recent survey reveals that the youth are being increasingly forced to deal with a range of issues such as substance abuse, exposure to crime and violence, inequality and poverty. As a consequence, mental and behavioural issues are becoming more and more evident among learners.

Craig Oosthuizen

Opinion | 15 May 2013

South Africa under construction: Give public works a chance

The Expanded Public Works Programme aims to create millions of short-term jobs every year while also providing the county with much needed infrastructure such as roads, hospitals and schools in areas that need it.

Amelia Midgley

Opinion | 13 March 2013

Are the lights coming back on in Khayelitsha?

Broken streetlights in Khayelitsha are at the centre of a debate between civil society activists, Premier Helen Zille, Mayor Patricia De Lille and several councillors responsible for wards along Lansdowne Road.

Nokubonga Yawa, Mihle Pike and GroundUp Staff

News | 30 January 2013

Playing politics while the Boland burns

Democratic Alliance (DA) leader Helen Zille is correct in claiming that there is
political interference in the strikes and recurrent violence in the Boland. And the
DA is as responsible as any other political grouping for being involved in — or
“interfering” — in the ongoing upheaval.

Terry Bell

Opinion | 23 January 2013