Political party funding

Electoral Court fines ANC, ATM, COPE, PAC, NFP and AIC

They failed to provide audited financial statements


Law | 13 May 2024

Amended law will improve transparency of political party funding

Parties have to publicly disclose their financial backers


Law | 15 June 2020

Political donations: the silence of the developers

Most fail to answer questions sent by the Observatory Civic Association

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Opinion | 6 May 2019

Understanding the My Vote Counts judgment

Within the next 18 months South Africans are likely to find out who funds which political parties


Law | 27 June 2018

Understanding the party funding judgment

Judge finds that privacy of donors is not a good enough reason to limit the right to vote


Law | 28 September 2017

Disclosure of party funding: only if it’s relevant, says DA

Not all funding information is useful to voters, argues opposition party


Law | 16 August 2017

Voters have a right to information about party funding, court told

DA to oppose calls for disclosure of funders


Law | 15 August 2017

Parliament committee on party funding begins its work

First meeting discusses whether ruling party is entitled to make its own representation

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Parliament | 4 August 2017