Police resources case

Seven years after the Khayelitsha Commission, policing is worse than ever, say residents

Community wants police minister and other government departments to account for lack of action on commission’s recommendations


News | 26 August 2021

Hanover Park resident: “There comes the army, there goes the army”

Nearly nine months after the army was deployed to the Cape Flats, what has changed?


News | 13 March 2020

Court rules that allocation of police in Western Cape is discriminatory

Victory for Social Justice Coalition may result in poorer areas getting more officers

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Brief | 14 December 2018

Police system unintentionally discriminates, argues civil society lawyer

Advocate for Social Justice Coalition defends expert witness


News | 16 February 2018

Here’s how unfairly police are distributed

Suburbs like Sea Point, Claremont and Camps Bay have far more officers per resident than Nyanga. Why?


Analysis | 17 January 2018

Police say crime, not its policies, affect the poor

Judge quotes constitution to police: it’s their duty to prevent, combat and investigate crime


Law | 1 December 2017

Policing system discriminates against black women, court told

Police claim to favour poor communities, but judge says results paint a different picture


Law | 30 November 2017

Court hears black communities get inferior police services

Civil society organisations want a declaration that the allocation of officers in the Western Cape is discriminatory


Law | 29 November 2017

Protesters demand equal distribution of police officers

Case on SAPS resources will be heard next week


News | 22 November 2017