Police brutality

Durban police brutality case adjourned again

18 officers face trial over death-in-custody of Regan Naidoo in 2018


News | 1 June 2024

Three Cape Town SAPS officers appear in court for torture of barber

The officers were arrested on Monday, five months after Juma Igiranieza was brutally assaulted at his workplace


Brief | 23 April 2024

Finally, five months after police were filmed assaulting a barber, they have been charged

Juma Igiranieza was brutally assaulted during an unexpected raid


News | 15 April 2024

Police drive into woman, break her pelvis, shoot rubber bullets into crowd and drive off

Nolwazi Tokhwe from Capricorn is being treated in hospital. She also has a fractured spine and injured right arm.


News | 28 March 2024

Magistrate appalled by more delays in Durban police brutality case

Despite assurances, the state and the defence are still not ready for the Regan Naidoo death-in-custody trial


News | 20 March 2024

After six years of postponements Durban police brutality case pretrial date set

18 police officers accused of the kidnapping, torture and murder of 32-year-old Regan Naidoo


Brief | 23 February 2024

Man who was assaulted by police dies three months later

Ugochukwu Emmanuel Nnoli’s family suspect the assault played a role in his death


News | 20 February 2024

Regan Naidoo police brutality case postponed again

Defence wants a magistrate from outside KwaZulu-Natal


Brief | 30 January 2024

Police watchdog is investigating torture charges against CCTV cops

Juma Igiranieza was assaulted on 7 November by police officers conducting a raid at his workplace


News | 1 December 2023

Man dies in police custody after “struggle” with Table View cops

Given Mabusela was pronounced dead on arrival at Du Noon clinic


Brief | 28 November 2023

Activists doorstop police to demand answers for brutal barbershop assault

Police and IPID silent on the investigation into the assault of Juma Igiranieza on 7 November


Brief | 15 November 2023

Man “maliciously arrested” by police gets R3.4 million in damages

But only after spending nearly three years in prison


Law | 24 August 2023

Police accused of shooting teenager during Slovo Park protest

SAPS investigating death of 16-year-old Karabo Chaka


Brief | 1 August 2023

Case of Durban cops in court for Regan Naidoo’s death postponed yet again

Naidoo died in police custody in 2018


Brief | 27 January 2023

More delays in case of 22 cops accused of murdering Regan Naidoo in 2018

We just want justice, says father of 32-year-old


News | 3 November 2022

22 Durban police officers in court for Regan Naidoo’s death

“I just feel sorry for them. I wonder how they sleep after what they did,” says Regan’s father


News | 13 October 2022