Old Brakpan Location occupation

They were forcibly removed under apartheid. Now they want their land back. But it’s occupied.

And a planned mega-housing project also stands in their way


Feature | 8 October 2018

Showdown over land occupation in Brakpan looms

Eviction order is in place says councillor, but occupiers vow to resist


Brief | 30 August 2018

Power struggle between ANC and EFF in Brakpan turns violent

Some residents oppose EFF’s involvement in land occupation


News | 23 July 2018

DA and EFF at odds over Brakpan land occupation

Occupiers want ward councillor to address them in person


News | 4 July 2018

Rubber bullets fired at EFF-led Brakpan land occupiers

300 shacks demolished but occupiers say they are not leaving


News | 27 June 2018

EFF runs land occupation in Brakpan

But the municipality, which owns the land, wants to develop it for housing


News | 22 June 2018