Mfuleni constable too sick to testify in Peter case

The case against activist Angy Peter and four others including her husband was postponed on 14 August as the Mfuleni detective constable was “too sick” to testify.

Barbara Maregele

Brief | 15 August 2014

Ehrenreich’s Facebook post “idiotic and against the traditions of Cosatu”

An eye for an eye and the whole world would be blind, the Mahatma famously said.

Brent Meersman

Opinion | 14 August 2014

Angy Peter trial: Police sergeant dismisses claims by State’s eyewitness

On 12 August, police sergeant Lesley Freeman, who arrested two of the four accused of murdering Rowan du Preez, dismissed several claims made by the State’s eyewitness.

Barbara Maregele

News | 13 August 2014

Police detective was not trained to probe murder

The detective constable who headed the investigation into the case where activist Angy Peter and four others are accused of killing Rowan du Preez had no formal detective training at the time.

Barbara Maregele

News | 12 August 2014

Fourth accused in Peter trial takes the stand

One of the four people accused of murdering Rowan du Preez nearly two years ago believes he was “falsely implicated” in the matter by his ex-girlfriend after their relationship ended on a bad note.

Barbara Maregele

News | 11 August 2014

Angy Peter trial co-accused also claims he was framed

The man accused of hitting murder victim Rowan du Preez multiple times with a golf stick the night before he was found severely burned, told the court he was at home watching movies at the time.

Barbara Maregele

News | 7 August 2014

Accused Mbadu takes the stand in Angy Peter case

Isaac Mbadu, who is accused of killing Rowan du Preez nearly two years ago, took the stand this week to give his account of the events which led to his arrest. Mbadu, his wife Angy Peter, and their co-accused Azola Dayimani and Christopher Dina, are on trial in the Western Cape High Court for the kidnapping, assault and murder of Du Preez in October 2012.

Barbara Maregele

News | 6 August 2014

Astonishing cost of Angy Peter trial sheds light on price of justice

After five months of sitting trial, Angy Peter and her husband Isaac Mbadu have yet to receive a verdict. In the process, they’ve racked up over R1.6 million in lawyer fees, according to the Social Justice Coalition (SJC).

Lara Sokoloff

Analysis | 23 July 2014

Murdered doctor: TAC marches through Khayelitsha

Escorted by the metro police and the South African Police Service (SAPS), carrying a huge banner written “Criminals are being nursed by the system, justice must prevail”, the Treatment Action Campaign (TAC) led a march through Khayelitsha to demand safe communities.

Mary-Anne Gontsana

News | 22 July 2014

No one should have to bump into De Kock in the supermarket

A growing number of people, including some surprising names, such as Max du Preez, and others more predictable, such as FW de Klerk, seem to believe that Eugene De Kock, head of the Vlakplaas torture camp and death squad, should be released from prison. Here is why I disagree.

Brent Meersman

Opinion | 22 July 2014

The Difficulty with De Kock

On 10 July 2014 the Minister of Justice, Michael Masutha, conveyed his decision to refuse Eugene de Kock’s application for parole to the public. His decision, although unsurprising, is unusual for having gone against the respective recommendations of the National Council for Correctional Services and the Correctional Supervision and Parole Board, who, in November 2013, recommended that de Dock be released on parole.

Clare Ballard

Opinion | 21 July 2014

Manenberg gang violence: In display of solidarity, residents come out of hiding

Residents of Manenberg in Cape Town are fed up with the gang violence. And to show their frustration, they’ve decided to march. Shaun Swingler reports for the Daily Maverick on an initiative called Taking Back Our Streets.

Shaun Swingler

News | 11 July 2014

Alibi on trial in Angy Peter case

State prosecutor Phistus Pelesa concluded his cross-examination of Angy Peter on 25 June at the Western Cape High Court drawing into question Peter’s alibi.

Lara Sokoloff

News | 26 June 2014

Too few gay men get involved, says Khayelitsha activist

Too few gay men engage in gay issues, gay activist Sibusiso Nquqeka of Khulani Khayelitsha Queer Project told the audience at a memorial service this week for two murdered women.

Pharie Sefali

News | 25 June 2014

Angy Peter cross examined in court

State prosecutor Phistus Pelesa cross-examined Angy Peter on 23 June at the Western Cape High Court seeking to clarify the order of events leading up to the killing of Rowan Du Preez.

Lara Sokoloff

News | 24 June 2014

Nyanga gangster puts the blame on his family

“I was not born a gangster, but I will die one. This is not a choice, but it’s because of my circumstances. I want to change, but I can’t. I do not know what to change to and how,” says gangster.

Pharie Sefali

News | 20 June 2014