The Lottery and its discontents

Here are articles on who plays the South African Lottery, how the Lottery money is distributed, and dodgy dealings by the National Lotteries Commission and its recipients.

Strict new measures to combat Lottery corruption

No sign of dodgy NLC-funded non-profit at the address it supplied during portfolio committee oversight tour


News | 13 February 2023

Youth organisation scored big time from Lottery amendment for which it lobbied

Southern African Youth Movement picked up millions, thanks to the introduction of a new kind of funding


Analysis | 23 January 2023

How Lottery money was used to fund mansions for high flyers

Five luxury properties connected to misappropriated Lottery grants have been frozen by the Asset Forfeiture Unit


News | 16 January 2023

R27-million from Lottery but six years later rehab still not operational

A leaked investigation report finds that value of construction work falls short of the funds paid by the NLC


News | 19 December 2022

Leaked report shows how Lottery school toilet project was hijacked

Forensic probe reveals details of National Lotteries Commission fiasco in Eastern Cape and Limpopo


News | 15 December 2022

R15m for 5-night show - the Tsotsi star’s Lottery-funded musical

Part one in a series about the Southern African Youth Movement and the Lottery


News | 12 December 2022

New full-time Lotteries boss to be appointed early next year

GroundUp has learned that Jodi Scholtz will take over as Commissioner of the National Lotteries Commission


Brief | 6 December 2022

Senior Lotteries staff suspended as corruption crackdown gains momentum

Key officials in the firing line


News | 30 November 2022

GroundUp’s Raymond Joseph wins journalist of the year award for exposing Lottery corruption

For years he has been tenaciously reporting on shenanigans at the National Lotteries Commission


News | 25 November 2022

Army of fake companies used to defraud the Lottery

Documents and computers seized in raid on Lottery’s East London office as dodgy scheme implicating a former board member is uncovered


News | 17 November 2022

Terry Pheto’s house may go up for auction to recover Lottery funds

Numerous properties belonging to Lotteries Commission executives, their relatives and cronies frozen by court order


News | 7 November 2022

Why GroundUp is taking the Legal Practice Council to court

Matter is scheduled to be heard on Monday, 7 November Thursday 10 November in Johannesburg


GroundView | 2 November 2022

Millions to be spent to complete abandoned Lottery-funded projects

Engineers to be paid directly to finish multi-million rand infrastructure projects


News | 31 October 2022

Lottery cracks down on sky-high spending on lawyers

Minister demands details of legal costs


News | 20 October 2022

Former Lottery boss personally recommended R4.8-million grant for his wife’s company

Grant paid within eight days of application


News | 17 October 2022