Late judgments

Judge Mngqibisa-Thusi cleared of gross misconduct charges

But tribunal finds that it is gross negligence to fail to deliver 27 judgments within accepted time-frames


Law | 14 June 2024

Over 230 court judgments are late

The latest report does not list any judgments reserved in the last six months


Law | 30 April 2024

Judge hospitalised after tribunal hearing against him

Judicial Service Commission tribunal is hearing allegations of misconduct and incompetence against high court judge Tshifhiwa Maumela


Brief | 19 March 2024

Judge’s conduct embarrassed me, Judge President tells tribunal

Maumela faces gross misconduct and incompetence charges because of late judgments


Law | 18 March 2024

Judge “grossly misconducted herself” says Mlambo

Judge Mngqibisa-Thusi delivered over 20 judgments late


Law | 30 January 2024

Disciplinary tribunal for tardy judge goes behind closed doors

Judiciary watchdog “surprised” by blanket ban


Law | 29 January 2024

Medical experts to assess health of judge facing tribunal

Judge Nomonde Mngqibisa-Thusi is facing possible impeachment for failing to hand down judgments timeously


Law | 1 December 2023

Judge faces possible impeachment for tardy judgments

Judge Nomonde Mngqibisa-Thusi did not deliver about 21 judgments timeously


Law | 1 December 2023

Constitutional Court accused of taking too long to rule on crucial election case

“I fear a further delay may begin to jeopardise the election process itself” says independent candidate Zackie Achmat


Law | 29 November 2023

Over 260 court judgments outstanding for more than six months

It is the highest number of late judgments since GroundUp started reporting the issue


Law | 14 November 2023

Constitutional Court is delivering judgments late

And its website is out-of-date and poorly maintained


Law | 7 November 2023

Retired KZN judge reported to the Judicial Conduct Committee for late judgments

Judge Anton van Zyl retired in 2021 despite having eight outstanding judgments


News | 4 September 2023

We are woefully short of judges

The government needs to act quickly and provide more money to recruit more judges


Analysis | 7 August 2023

Today we launch a system to track late judgments

We can work together to make sure justice is neither delayed nor denied


Law | 17 July 2023

Late judgments: what is delaying justice?

A shortage of judges and insufficient research and secretarial support are among concerns raised about the judiciary


Law | 14 July 2023

Over 180 judgments outstanding for longer than six months

Reserved judgment list is almost six months old and records the highest number of late judgments since we’ve begun reporting the situation


Law | 7 June 2023