South Africans are living longer, mostly thanks to HIV treatment

Antiretroviral medicines have been a success, but more work is needed to reach United Nations targets

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Science | 1 December 2023

Court ruling means that pharmacists can prescribe to people with HIV

Specially trained pharmacists will be allowed to manage and prescribe medicine to patients with HIV and/or tuberculosis


Law | 15 August 2023

The maths that helped South Africa tackle HIV

UCT epidemiologist Leigh Johnson delivered GroundUp and Bertha House’s third Science for the People seminar


Science | 29 March 2023

Nontsikelelo Zwedala: an unsung hero of the struggle for HIV medicines

She was one of the complainants in a Competition Commission case that resulted in antiretroviral medicines becoming affordable


Obituary | 20 March 2023

Injections against HIV could be manufactured locally and cheaply, says Aspen Pharmacare

Cabotegravir is still unaffordable after two years


News | 1 December 2022

Good news: HIV medicine prices have decreased dramatically!

Experts commend the Department of Health’s efforts to secure lower prices in new contract


News | 16 November 2022

TAC slams Mbeki over his views on HIV

Former president repeated misconceptions about the disease when he addressed UNISA


News | 28 September 2022

HIV incidence in South Africa has halved since 2010

This is mainly due to antiretroviral treatment and condom promotion, but male medical circumcision and behaviour change after HIV diagnosis had a role too


Science | 9 February 2022

Law and power: How a prisoner’s journey saved the lives of thousands

A look back at the battle for the rights of HIV-positive prisoners


Analysis | 11 November 2021

Hundreds march to Union Buildings over health system corruption

Protesters speak of ignorance and bigotry from clinic staff


News | 19 October 2021

A woman with HIV took over 200 days to clear her Covid infection. Here’s why researchers are worried

A case study suggests that people with HIV should be prioritised for Covid vaccination


Covid-19 Report | 10 July 2021

South Africa has the best HIV policies, report finds

Progressive policies linked to drop in new infections in Southern Africa


Brief | 1 December 2020

AIDS victories show what we can do if we try

We can do the same for Covid-19 and other diseases


Opinion | 1 December 2020

Wits researchers announce “breakthrough” in HIV prevention

Injection much more effective than daily pills in preventing infection in women


News | 10 November 2020

Weight gain worries for newer HIV treatment regimens

But these medicines are well tolerated by patients


News | 1 October 2020

We followed community health worker Katrina Jacobs for a day. It’s incredible what she does

She is one of thousands providing essential care across the country


Feature | 21 August 2020