Harm reduction

One of Cape Town’s few free rehab centres has closed its doors to adults

Concerns over further budget cuts and their impact on access to rehabilitation


News | 14 December 2023

Hundreds walk to celebrate recovery from addiction

Only about 1 in 20 South Africans with drug or alcohol problems access treatment

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Photo Essay | 2 October 2023

Children caught using cannabis will no longer be criminally prosecuted

Concourt rules sections of Drugs act unconstitutional. But ruling makes it clear that the court does not condone drug use by children.


Law | 29 September 2022

Criminalising cannabis use by children is unconstitutional, court rules

Court hears children are languishing for months in detention for trivial offences


Law | 3 August 2020

Six die from methanol poisoning in Cape Town

Four more in a critical condition


Brief | 2 June 2020

Triumph for amateur cast at the opera house

Don’t Miss Your Turning Point received a standing ovation on Saturday night at Artscape


Photo Essay | 17 February 2020

“From the streets, to Hanover Park, to Artscape”

There will be one performance only of the play Don’t Miss Your Turning Point at Artscape on Saturday


News | 13 February 2020

Puppets bring the dangers of drugs to life

Ukwanda Puppet Collective on school tour


Feature | 31 August 2018

Living in the hell of Whoonga Park

Murder, rape, crime, homelessness, abuse by police … daily life for whoonga users


News | 6 February 2018

Western Cape to toughen alcohol controls

It cannot be “business as usual for the liquor industry” says Medical Research Council researcher


News | 6 September 2017

Harm reduction versus abstinence: experts debate drug laws

SA Drug Policy Week kicks off in Cape Town


News | 2 August 2017

Don’t treat drug users as criminals, say health workers

Harm reduction better than a police war on drugs, argues TB/HIV Care Association


Feature | 8 February 2017

Medicine offers hope for heroin users in Mitchells Plain

But government unlikely to make it widely available


Feature | 24 March 2016