Learners try to leave gangsters behind at Khayelitsha school

A year ago, Bulumko High School in Khayelitsha made the news when learners were afraid to go to classes because of gang fights that were happening inside the school and in the surrounding area.

Pharie Sefali

News | 4 September 2014

Khayelitsha Commission findings: what now?

The conclusion of the Khayelitsha Commission has left many people asking “what now?” writes Ayanda Nyoka.

Ayanda Nyoka

Opinion | 3 September 2014

Delivery truck burned and looted in Mfuleni

A delivery truck was set alight and looted in Mfuleni yesterday.

Johnnie Isaac

Brief | 2 September 2014

Police hammered on Lwandle eviction violence

At the Lwandle Commission of Inquiry today, the police were hammered for failing to engage community leaders in an attempt to prevent the escalation of violence during evictions at Lwandle informal settlement in June. Such a failure falls foul of the legal requirements for public order policing.

Daneel Knoetze

News | 28 August 2014

Khayelitsha police not trained to deal with domestic violence

The South African Police Services (SAPS) in Khayelitsha do not meet the obligations set out in the Domestic Violence Act when dealing with cases of domestic violence.

Barbara Maregele

News | 26 August 2014

Tightrope walker says he was pushed off wire by city official

A Zimbabwean tightrope walker and musician claims that a City of Cape Town law enforcement officer pushed him off his tightrope in April, and that Camps Bay police have failed to respond.

Tariro Washinyira

News | 1 August 2014

Last night a community beat up two men, while the police watched

Two men in Nyanga were beaten very badly by about 50 members of their community, including children, after they were accused of housebreaking in the street they live in. The police stood and watched as they were beaten.

Pharie Sefali

News | 1 August 2014

“Homophobic police attack” to be investigated

The Independent Police Investigative Directorate (IPID) this morning confirmed that it is investigating claims of police officers dragging a gay Congolese man to a back room of Claremont police station and beating him with metal poles.

Daneel Knoetze

News | 28 July 2014

The week in political activism

This week we explore local protests against Israel’s bombing of the Gaza strip, a human rights awareness clinic, and a month-long campaign to expose rape culture.

Michelle Korte

News | 17 July 2014

How a Steenberg woman is helping victims of domestic violence

For the past 17 years Moriedah Dien has been a volunteer at the Steenberg police station Victim Support Room, assisting anyone who has experienced crime. Now she wants to establish a proper safe house for women who are victims of domestic violence.

Yazeed Kamaldien

News | 15 July 2014

Manenberg gang violence: In display of solidarity, residents come out of hiding

Residents of Manenberg in Cape Town are fed up with the gang violence. And to show their frustration, they’ve decided to march. Shaun Swingler reports for the Daily Maverick on an initiative called Taking Back Our Streets.

Shaun Swingler

News | 11 July 2014

Nyanga gangster puts the blame on his family

“I was not born a gangster, but I will die one. This is not a choice, but it’s because of my circumstances. I want to change, but I can’t. I do not know what to change to and how,” says gangster.

Pharie Sefali

News | 20 June 2014

Zimbabwean man sues SAPS

A 39-year-old Zimbabwean man, Samson Chifamba, is suing the South African Police Service (SAPS) for R300,000 in damages after an assault at his house at Asanda Village in Strand in January.

Tariro Washinyira

News | 18 June 2014

Pastor’s victims feared he had supernatural powers

The Khayelitsha pastor accused of rape preyed on needy and vulnerable members of his congregation, the court heard during the bail hearing of Pastor Themba Mathibela.

Johnnie Isaac

News | 10 June 2014

Zimbabwean alleges he was assaulted by police

A 40-year-old Zimbabwean man fleeing from robbers was allegedly attacked in the grounds of his home in Van Eyssen Street Parow by a group of Law Enforcement Officers last week.

Tariro Washinyira

News | 9 June 2014

Young, high and dangerous: youth gangs and violence in Khayelitsha

They fight to kill - with pangas, knives and their bare hands. They don't know why the fighting began but it doesn't seem to matter. Proving your manhood doesn't require a reason.

Words: Pharie Sefali Images: Don Pinnock Editing: Guy Lamb

News | 27 May 2014