International AIDS Conference, July 2016

Here are articles published by GroundUp relevant to the International AIDS Conference in Durban from 18 to 22 July 2016.

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Should you be prosecuted for exposing someone to HIV?

Many have been found guilty despite lack of scientific evidence

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Feature | 11 August 2016

We have penises! We have vaginas!

Picket draws attention to HIV positive people living with disability


News | 22 July 2016

Disappointing study results show how difficult HIV prevention is

Test and treat study in Hlabisa fails to show effect


News | 21 July 2016

From illness to health: how I’ve thrived with HIV

Jaque Wambui was dangerously ill with extra-pulmonary tuberculosis in 2006 - here's why she hasn't been ill since


News | 19 July 2016

I owe my life to you, says judge

Edwin Cameron addresses scientists and activists at Durban Aids conference


Opinion | 19 July 2016

March to Aids conference highlights that millions remain untreated

Optimistic end of epidemic predictions criticised


News | 18 July 2016

How sex workers are avoiding HIV infection

Once daily pill has been made available at ten clinics across the country


News | 17 July 2016

Success against deadly drug-resistant TB in rural KZN

Number of cases has dropped dramatically following bunch of health interventions


News | 16 July 2016

No HIV transmissions after sex 58,000 times without condoms

Amazing result in a study of couples where one partner is HIV-positive and on antiretroviral treatment


News | 13 July 2016

Bizarre state involvement in AIDS conference

Security agency leads media accreditation process

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Brief | 8 July 2016