Sudoku puzzle 1333

Published on 24 Jul 2024

Difficulty: Easy

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How to use this

  • Click 1 to 9 to toggle that digit on or off in a cell.
  • You can put multiple candidate digits in a cell.
  • Click the X button to clear a cell.
  • Your edits are automatically saved on your computer. If you come back to this URL with the same browser, your edits should still be there.
  • Click the Note button while in a cell to move the digits in that cell to the bottom right corner so that you remember it is provisional.
  • Click on any cell with a single digit to see where the same digit is in other cells.
  • Color of duplicate cells with single digit.
  • Color of duplicate cells with multiple digits.

How the Try button works

The Try button is very useful for hard Sudoku problems. If you get to a point where you can't make progress without trying one of, say, two options in a cell, click the Try button. Then try one of the options. If it turns out to be right and you solve the puzzle, then that's it. But if you reach a broken position, click the button again (which is now called Untry). It will restore the position to where you were before you tried the failed option. Now you can try the second option.

Publishing schedule

  • Monday: Very easy
  • Tuesday: Easy
  • Wednesday: Easy
  • Thursday: Medium
  • Friday: Hard
  • Saturday: Very hard
  • Sunday: Extremely hard

The puzzles are computer generated. Sometimes an easy puzzle may be more difficult than it should be and vice-versa. There is exactly one solution to a puzzle.

The puzzles published on Saturdays and Sundays are very difficult and will often only be solvable by the very best human solvers.

The source code for this user interface as well as the puzzle generating and solving code are FLOSS and available on Github.