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I applied for a spousal visa in October 2018 in Harare. I'm still waiting for Home Affairs and/or VFS to process my application. What can I do?

You could take the Minister to court to compel him to issue the permit on the basis of an unreasonably long delay, but this could be costly.

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My asylum permit has expired. Can I still apply for a work permit?

The fact that your asylum permit has expired certainly makes applying for a work permit much more difficult for you.

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My partner has an asylum permit. Can we get married?

Yes, you can, if you have the right paperwork, and attend a Home Affairs marriage interview.

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I have refugee status. How do I renew my driver's licence?

As you have refugee status you should not have any difficulty renewing your licence

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I got my asylum in Durban. Can I go to another Refugee Reception Office to renew it?

Unfortunately, you cannot.

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Can I apply for a relative visa for my life partner of 15 years?

You can apply for a Section 26 (B) Life Partner Permit, which is a permanent resident permit that caters for people who are in a long term relationship, but who have not married, as in your case.

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How do I get a critical skills visa?

You need to apply online for a critical skills visa through VFS Global, the company that handles all Home Affairs applications.

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How can I can assist my partner change his status from asylum seeker to temporary or permanent resident? Home Affairs ignores us.

Your frustration with Home Affairs is understandable. You may want to get legal assistance.

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Can a person go to prison for jumping the border?

You can be sentenced to up to 12 months in prison for entering the country illegally.

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How do I change my status from asylum seeker to resident?

A person applying for temporary residence has to apply from outside of the country, but you can get an exemption from this by applying to Home Affairs through VFS Global..

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