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How can I get an ID for my child when Home Affairs says they need his Malawian mother’s details too?

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Only one parent's ID is required to apply for an ID, according to Home Affairs' website, so you may want to get legal help.

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Dear Athalie

When my son was born almost twenty years ago, I registered his birth at Home Affairs using my ID and his Malawian mother's residence permit. Since then, his mother and I have divorced and I do not know where she is anymore. I'm trying to help my son apply for his ID. Home Affairs says they want the mother's details too but the only information I have of hers is from before she became a permanent resident so I don't want to use those details.

The long answer

On their own website, this is what the Department of Home Affairs says are the requirements for applying for a first-time ID for 16- year-olds and upwards:  

1. Birth certificate 

2. Certified copy of one of the parent/legal guardian/informant’s identity document (my emphasis)

3. Death certificate or certified copy if parents are deceased 

4. Proof of residence (where it is available) or provide residential address 

If you have a certified copy of your ID (you being the South African parent) and a certified copy of your son’s birth certificate, as well as your marriage and divorce certificates, I can see no reason at all why Home Affairs should need the mother’s details as well.

If they continue to state this, in spite of what their own website says, I would consult an organisation like Lawyers for Human Rights, which has much experience dealing with difficulties created by Home Affairs.

These are their details:

Lawyers for Human Rights


Pretoria: 012 320 2943

Johannesburg: 011 339 1960

Wishing you the best,

Answered on Oct. 31, 2023, 1:15 p.m.

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