Government spokespersons should take their job seriously

They are well-paid public servants, but diligence is the exception


GroundView | 19 July 2024

Thousands of people abandoned as the Gauteng Social Development Department implodes

Vulnerable people are being failed by an inefficient and corrupt department


GroundView | 14 May 2024

Water: government is failing to realise this human right

Human Rights Day is a reminder that the Constitution’s Bill of Rights guarantees everyone’s right to access clean water


GroundView | 21 March 2024

Sunday World and Lottery corruption: time for an inquiry

Former editor of Sunday World Makhudu Sefara has not explained what happened


GroundView | 7 February 2024

ICJ ruling is a victory for human rights and justice

The judgment is likely to be more important for the moral statement it makes than any short-term results it produces


GroundView | 29 January 2024

FNB should fix The Big Issue fraud

If FICA cannot prevent this kind of fraud then its use is questionable


GroundView | 30 November 2023

The Lottery: A South African good news story

Will there also be a good news story about Metrorail?


GroundView | 19 October 2023

GroundUp reporters win prestigious journalism award

Marecia Damons and Daniel Steyn win 2023 Nat Nakasa Award for Thabo Bester prison escape story


GroundView | 17 September 2023

Social grants is one government system that must not fail

26-million people depend on it


GroundView | 11 September 2023

Late judgments are undermining confidence in judges. Here’s how to fix this

The Chief Justice must act with urgency


GroundView | 25 May 2023

Why we investigated the Thabo Bester story

This was a story that was both immensely interesting and of immense public interest


GroundView | 14 April 2023

Zuma’s attack on the media won’t work

We stand with Karyn Maughan


GroundView | 23 March 2023

Ronald Lamola’s promise to protect whistleblowers is good news. Especially coming from him

The Minister of Justice’s former law firm has represented the National Lotteries Commission against whistleblowers


GroundView | 14 February 2023

Why GroundUp is taking the Legal Practice Council to court

Matter is scheduled to be heard on Monday, 7 November Thursday 10 November in Johannesburg


GroundView | 2 November 2022

A victory for PRASA’s corruption-busters

The dismissal of Siyangena’s court appeal vindicates years of hard work


GroundView | 1 November 2022