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Kimberley businesses furious with multinational diamond mining company

They accuse Petra Diamonds of overlooking them for all but small contracts


News | 8 April 2016

Bangladeshi shop owners face xenophobic threats from Kimberley residents

The Bangladeshi owners of a shop were escorted out of Roodepan by heavily armed police officers last night. This happened after angry residents pelted the shop, Roodepan Mobile on Starling Street, with bricks and stones shortly after 7pm.

Douglas Mthukwane

News | 12 May 2015

Disabled man says Kimberley municipality let him down

Kimberley resident Frans Bernd has needed to use a wheelchair since his leg was amputated in 1991. He thought his dream of owning a house would come true when the municipality told him in 2014 to move to a site where houses and services would be available. But the dream has turned into a nightmare.

Douglas Mthukwane

News | 2 April 2015

Residents blame local authorities for Kimberley floods

A violent rain storm that hit Kimberley on Tuesday has set flooded residents on a collision course with the local authorities.

Douglas Mthukwane

News | 26 February 2015

Kimberley’s desperate miners: where the formal and informal sectors clash

Hundreds of unemployed Kimberley residents have turned to digging deserted mine dumps to earn a living.

Douglas Mthukwane

News | 27 January 2015