Articles for Sandiso Phaliso

Shack dwellers hope for subsidised solar power

The City of Cape Town is considering partnering with alternative energy providers for informal settlements


News | 21 February 2024

Relocation of more than 880 families from Cape Town central railway line completed

PRASA says it can now recover infrastructure and restore train services


Brief | 16 February 2024

Cape Town commuters stranded again as cable theft brings trains to a halt

Metrorail must prioritise security, say commuters


Brief | 7 February 2024

Worker who earns R3,500 per month spends R1,200 on transport

Metrorail’s return to service remains extremely limited


Brief | 1 February 2024

Garbage piling up in Cape Town townships as extortion gangs drive out City contractors

In some areas of Phillipi East rubbish has not been collected for nine months


Brief | 31 January 2024

Case of lawyer accused of race attack postponed

Gary Trappler is accused of slashing the tyres of Green Point resident Thandi Mgwaba’s hired car on 19 February 2020.


Brief | 25 January 2024

City flooded with more than 900 comments over relocation of railway occupiers

Once the rail agency responds to these comments, a report will be sent to the Municipal Planning Tribunal for a final decision


News | 25 January 2024

Attack on Eskom technicians leaves Khayelitsha families without electricity for a month

Services resumed after a meeting with community leaders


Brief | 22 January 2024

PRASA settlement to double in size in spite of problems with water and sanitation

Nearly 500 more families to be moved in by the end of the month


Brief | 10 January 2024

Nyanga families battle two-day water outage

City of Cape Town workers are on site to fix burst pipe


Brief | 9 January 2024

Cape Town’s railway occupiers are being moved but there are snags with water and sanitation supply

Some people occupying the Central Line are now refusing to be moved until service issues are resolved


News | 14 December 2023

Metrorail shack dwellers moved, but to a place without toilets or water

First families moved off Central Line railway tracks


News | 8 December 2023

Transgender woman who says she was raped in police custody has waited four years for justice

High Court judge critical of the Minister of Police’s “lackadaisical approach” to dealing with the matter


News | 5 December 2023

More than 100 homes destroyed in Philippi weekend blaze

No fatalities but 362 people left to rebuild from the ashes


Brief | 4 December 2023

Cape Town lawyer pleads not guilty to race attack

“Neighbour slashed my tyres because I’m black, then ran away from the police”, states complainant in criminal case


Law | 27 November 2023