Articles for GroundUp Editors

Unemployment: is there a way forward?

Reducing unemployment should be the top priority of government


GroundView | 28 February 2019

How to reduce unemployment? Two opposing views

How do we reduce unemployment? That is possibly the most important policy question facing South Africa.


GroundView | 18 February 2019

GROUNDVIEW: Ramaphosa’s SONA offered much hope but it had a serious omission

State capture’s most visible effect is the breakdown of Metrorail


GroundView | 8 February 2019

GROUNDVIEW: Let sex workers and their clients be

Also: Leadership needed by the Ministry of Higher Education and Training


GroundView | 7 February 2019

GROUNDVIEW: Our train service is a victim of state capture

PRASA’s corruption has cost lives and left commuters across the country in distress


GroundView | 24 January 2019

GROUNDVIEW: Is the education system improving?

Also: Dangers of election opportunism


GroundView | 17 January 2019

Three ways to improve justice in South Africa

Our court system is frustrating, slow and technologically backward


GroundView | 13 November 2018

Reclaim the City has the potential to change Cape Town, but it faces many threats

Our view of the Helen Bowden and Woodstock Hospital occupations


GroundView | 29 August 2018

Openness of Bongani Mayosi’s family shows great courage

Depression is an illness, not a shame


GroundView | 30 July 2018

Can subsidised rentals help solve the housing crisis?

It’s an idea whose time has come but it is not a cure-all


GroundView | 27 June 2018

Why are there so many land occupations in Cape Town?

City has condemned the “scourge” of “invasions”


GroundView | 27 March 2018

Day Zero and Cape Town’s cacophony of chaos

Mmusi Maimane’s approach to the water crisis is wrong


GroundView | 24 January 2018

Metrorail’s lies

Blaming vandalism and theft for the closure of major Cape Town commuter line is disingenuous


GroundView | 11 December 2017

Cape Town’s welcome change in housing policy

Good work by housing activists and city officials


GroundView | 27 September 2017

Hout Bay shows how desperately we need good police leadership

Police commissioners’ silence following shooting of Ona Dubula is shameful


GroundView | 14 September 2017

KPMG’s questionable behaviour goes beyond Gupta companies

Yet another scandal means it’s time for some changes in the auditing industry


GroundView | 22 August 2017