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Allegations of abuse at Kimberley prison

But report also finds much that works well


News | 24 May 2017

Street lighting in Khayelitsha and Nyanga – a crime story

“You can never send your child to the shop after 7pm. Parents live in fear.”


News | 22 May 2017

Port St Johns murder: call for better psychiatric assessment of prisoners

Former prisoner admits to killing four-year-old nephew

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Brief | 11 May 2017

Khayelitsha meeting calls for Zuma’s dismissal

“The ANC of Jacob Zuma is not the ANC of the people”

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Brief | 27 April 2017

This is probably the list of artworks UCT has removed

University claims there are errors in our list that we obtained from a reliable source, but refuses to provide corrections


News | 25 April 2017

Mining company to begin mediation talks with Northern Cape community

Conditions in Dingleton are intolerable says attorney


Brief | 24 April 2017

No progress in Human Rights Commission investigation into Old Mutual Club

One year later, still no answers on why cricket development programme was canned


Brief | 20 April 2017

Bus drivers vow to keep fighting for safer conditions

“We’ve managed to pry open the door” says SATAWU after deal ends strike


News | 18 April 2017

Striking bus driver explains exhausting shift system

“We’re only going home to eat and then work again”


News | 13 April 2017

Striking bus drivers march for better work conditions

Taxis likely to get long-distance travellers on Easter weekend who would have gone by bus


News | 12 April 2017

Pensioners demand Dlamini’s resignation

Right2Know picket outside Parliament


Brief | 11 April 2017

Bus drivers plan nationwide strike on Wednesday

Negotiations between union and bus company at a deadlock


Brief | 10 April 2017

Khayelitsha residents debate policing with Members of Parliament

“What is happening in Khayelitsha reflects what is happening in other black communities across South Africa”

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News | 6 April 2017

List of protests against President Zuma

Mass action emerging in cities across the country

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Information | 5 April 2017

Five week Pick n Pay bakers’ strike ends

Workers complained they were not being paid for overtime

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News | 4 April 2017