Articles for John Yeld

New proposal puts Kruger National Park’s environmental safeguards “at risk”

Experts alarmed by government move to drop statutory requirements for some developments in the park


News | 31 May 2024

Coal mine accused of making “manifestly scurrilous” allegations against opponents

A coalition against mining in the Mabola Protected Environment want “scandalous” and “irrelevant” claims struck from court record


News | 8 May 2024

Proposed coal mine in Mpumalanga grasslands back in court

Uthaka Energy persists with plans for a colliery in Mabola Protected Environment despite six court judgments


News | 30 April 2024

Judge rules for “road” in legal clash with “toads”

Noordhoek road link in Cape Town to go ahead


Brief | 24 April 2024

African Oystercatcher bucks the trend in crashing bird populations

The species has gone from “Near Threatened” to “Least Concern” on the Red Data List


News | 16 April 2024

Alexkor vs Creecy in environment court battle

The state mining company is challenging an environmental compliance notice


News | 12 April 2024

Minister’s plan could wipe out African penguins, say scientists

Conservationists mount legal challenge to environment minister’s decision on fishing around breeding islands


News | 22 March 2024

Meticulous Eastern Cape effort to keep vultures from extinction

Vultures disabled by powerline collisions are taken care of and given a place to breed


News | 25 January 2024

Aussie mining company “SLAPP suit” partly settled out of court

Six South African defendants have reached an agreement with Mineral Commodities Ltd


News | 22 November 2023

It’s “Toad versus Road” in the Cape High Court

Environmentalists challenge road extension that threatens endangered Western Leopard Toads


News | 7 November 2023

Mining department refuses West Coast prospecting bid

Government turned down Limpopo-based Nekwana Trading Enterprise’s application because of shortcomings in basic impact assessment


News | 19 September 2023

Farmer seeks ‘pardon’ for illegally enlarging dam

The application raises concerns over water use in the Western Cape


News | 12 September 2023

11th-hour out-of-court settlement reached on West Coast diamond mining

A major legal battle over the extension of 30-year mining rights has been averted


News | 1 September 2023

Court challenge to 30-year extension of West Coast diamond mining rights

Fishers say they were ignored when the original rights were awarded between 1994 and 1998


News | 28 August 2023

Big cats among victims as snare trapping spreads in Western Cape

Plan launched to deal with problem, which is partly driven by food insecurity


News | 3 August 2023

Cheetah spotted in Djibouti for the first time in over 30 years

Team headed by Cape Town researcher makes exciting discovery during a biodiversity survey


News | 3 August 2023