Articles for Kimberly Mutandiro

Asylum seekers targeted by thieves at Home Affairs

More security needed outside refugee centre


News | 31 May 2017

The long wait for “madams or bosses”

“Sitting at home will not put food on our tables,” say the men waiting by the side of the road


Feature | 29 March 2017

Free Zimbabwean contraceptives smuggled for sale in South Africa

A black market has emerged in contraceptive pills


News | 19 March 2017

Asylum seeker paid R1,500 for fake documents

Home Affairs warns against “unscrupulous” scammers operating outside its reception centre in Pretoria


News | 27 February 2017

“To people dustbins smell bad. To me they smell of money.”

Thembisile Kubheka makes a living by picking through bins


News | 20 February 2017

Woman entrepreneur survives Wild West of informal gold mining

After her husband was gunned down, ‘Kensani’ took over the business


News | 15 February 2017

Fears of xenophobic violence in Pretoria

Circular calls for march against immigrants


Brief | 30 January 2017

Home Affairs office loses asylum documents

"How can I work without my asylum?"


News | 28 November 2016

School children bunk classes to make gold

Parents complain illegal miners lure their kids with easy money


Feature | 4 November 2016