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Are resident associations being captured by the property industry?

Sea Point shows how developers use these organisations to advance their own interests

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Analysis | 14 March 2018

Seven reasons why Reclaim The City Is occupying Helen Bowden and Woodstock Hospital

Clear plans needed for social housing in Cape Town

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Opinion | 4 April 2017

The displacement phenomenon: Woodstock and Salt River

City’s missed opportunity to ensure inclusive redevelopment


Opinion | 21 September 2016

We’re like cockroaches to the City, say Johannesburg residents

The corridors are long and institution-like, lined by doors. Light peeks in through the staircase windows, but the corridors are dark, despite it being 10AM on a bright Johannesburg day.

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Feature | 20 November 2015

“Why we don’t do maths” - high school students explain

At the end of grade nine South African students are expected to decide which subjects they would like to continue with for the rest of high school. One of the important decisions they make is whether or not they will continue with maths, or take maths literacy. As five students explain, the decision is tough, affects their future, and is not always made freely and based on their true ability and interests.

Sarita Pillay

Feature | 9 October 2015

How bureaucracy is delaying Virginia’s dream of being a doctor

Virginia Sibanda, like thousands of youth across South Africa in November 2014, was hunched over a desk, pen in hand, taking her matric exams. Her years of accumulated academic trophies and certificates culminated in these papers. She had attended tutoring sessions, practiced the past exams, and had applied to universities to pursue her dream of studying medicine.

Sarita Pillay

Feature | 1 October 2015